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Stellaris: First Contact DLC is exploring pre-FTL civilisations when it launches March 14th

Close encounters of the first kind

Paradox’s grand spacefaring strategy Stellaris is getting its fifth story pack First Contact on March 14th, following on from the previously released Leviathans, Synthetic Dawn, Distant Stars, and Ancient Relics. Story packs are mid-sized expansions that flesh out Stellaris’s universe and this time First Contact is focusing on pre-FTL civilisations, taking a step back from the stars. The expansion was officially revealed back in January after a series of SteamDB leaks outed the project.

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First Contact’s newest trailer treats us to an animated cutscene where a parent tells her child the story of an alien invasion - the perfect bedtime story. The trailer then runs through the Chocobo-like species' rebellion, before looking back up to the stars, teasing the invader's return.

First Contact is adding three new origins to choose from: Fear Of The Dark, Payback, and Broken Shackles. Fear Of The Dark is focused on a population who have had their home planet destroyed, and are consequently paranoid about the rest of the galaxy. The other two origins revolve around the empire’s struggles against the Miramar Specialized Industries. You can watch a full breakdown of the three origins in the DLC’s highlight videos. Other changes include a revamped Observation system that allows for better civilisation Awareness, Diplomacy, and Espionage. In an interview with the game’s director, CJ (RPS in peace) learned that the First Contact DLC would introduce cloaking for the very first time, as well.

Stellaris has been going strong for years with frequent updates and expansions coming in ever since its 2016 release. Despite all the add-ons, our Ollie has still never finished a game of Stellaris. He’s just too in love with the game’s “opening half-hour of limitless potential and giddy curiosity.”

Stellaris: First Contact will cost £12.80/€15/$15 on Steam and GOG when it launches on March 14th, alongside the game’s free 3.7 update. The base game is also available for £35/€40/$40.

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