GTA Online Stripping Cheaters Of Funny Money

It is a shame that Rockstar’s focus since launching Grand Theft Auto V has been GTA Online [official site] rather than any sort of singleplayer expansion, especially given that the sandbox multiplayer mode has been rife with cheating. Well, at least Rockstar have started cracking down in a new way. They’re starting removing “illegitimately gained” imaginary money from players’ accounts, draining the bank accounts of naughty people. They’ll also be wiping the progress of folks who get suspended.

Here’s the new plan for wiping out cheated money:

“To keep the gameplay environment fair we have removed illegitimately gained in-game money from player accounts. If you received an alert saying that your shared bank balance was adjusted, that is because you had illegitimate funds in your account.”

As for what the updated suspension and ban policy means for folks who are suspended:

“In addition, your GTA Online character(s) will be reset. All GTA Online progress, property and inventory will be reset.”

What is the state of GTA Online nowadays? I only pop in every now and then to check out new updates, pootling around and wailing at the poor past purchasing decisions that leave me eternally unable to check out new stuff. I hear that, beyond the weird and funny hacks, it’s had lots of problems with dull, grinding issues like cheated leaderboard times. I’ve not seen cheaters in yonks myself but, as I say, I’m not a regular player.

Remember, you naughty criminals: crime doesn’t pay. Well. Some crimes don’t pay. Some crimes definitely do – that’s the whole point of GTA Online – but not every crime pays. Be responsible with your crimes.


  1. MrFinnishDude says:

    What about the people who were given money randomly by hackers?
    Will their characters be nullified too? Even if they were “innocent” so to say?
    Well, I suppose they want to give people reasons to buy their cash cards.

    • Simes says:

      No, they’ll just lose the hacked money they were given.

      • ThePuzzler says:

        For that to be possible, they’d have to store game-dollars as individual objects with a history of every past transaction it’s been through, or something like that. Most games would store money as a simple number.

  2. Mungrul says:

    My friends and I gave up playing in public because it’s an incredibly toxic environment that positively encourages griefing, on top of all the cheaters. But I have been the recipient of ill-gained cash that a random cheater dropped on me soon after release; around a million bucks.

    I’ll be massively annoyed if assets get stripped from my account or my character reset. I’ve since spent that cash, and I don’t play enough to have made it back. I’m only level 55 and only play for a couple of hours every couple of weeks.

  3. inspiredhandle says:

    Maybe they could address the awful grinding issue then? Checked out the latest update to see what new bikes were available, the only thing that took my fancy was the hayabusa ripoff with extended swing arm. The fucking thing was over 600k. The original length one was only 80-90k iirc. What’s that? 50k for every extra inch of wheelbase? No wonder there’s excessive cheaters.

    Hope there’s no trace of this f2p-esque model in RDR2. Not likely though.

    • Poor People says:

      The grinding is largely designed to segue players into Shark Card microtransactions for fast in-game cash. Older players may catch on to the bullshit, but plenty of little Timmy’s playing with their parents’ credit cards in hand never usually do. You also have to keep in mind this is Rockstar’s first foray into microtransactions, and a very successful one at that. They have a good reason to protect it by any means necessary, which explains their total dickassery dealing with developers of trainers, players using trainers, and third-party multiplayer mods.

      The biggest fear is that Rockstar Games, having tasted blood for the first time, may use GTA:O’s model as the basis of future games, sacrificing quality and mod support for profits and becoming just another shitty money-hungry, anti-consumer game company.

  4. NetharSpinos says:

    I don’t think it’s unfair to say that you’ll encounter cheaters in GTA V on any particular day of the week, from godmode griefers to teleporting godmode griefers and if you’re really lucky reality warping godmode griefers. GTA, it seems, is not a difficult game to hack.

    But is the grind such a bad thing? Earning the cash to buy a nice car/boat/whatever is a sense of achievement. Isn’t that the point?

    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      There’s a difference between earning money and grinding for it.

    • Doubler says:

      I think that comparing the costs of stuff in GTA:O with average earnings would make it pretty clear a lot of things in that game are really meant only for those that buy money, and almost completely out of reach for anyone else.

      I made… maybe 30.000 on the highest paying missions, playing with friends and adjusting for expenses? You’d have to play that small set of missions maybe a 200 times for the smallest yacht. A 100 times for a HQ, a 100 times for an expensive car, etc. Those few missions are not interesting enough to enjoy them even the first dozen times.

      • Slazia says:

        I did a heist with a buddy I made online – I earned 200k in around 60 minutes. 100k of that was an elite bonus for the mission. So let’s say 100k. This is decent money, but the problem with the game is not the mission payout, just everything else related to online.

        Half the time, people quit and you’re left with nothing. If you do open world missions, players can drive up to you with the Kuruma, you know, the car that seems to have been designed by a child to make every other vehicle in the game pointless, and just trolls you so you get nothing for your work.

        You really need a bunch of friends to play with. This is not suitable for my gaming style – I don’t have time to make online friends and cultivate a relationship.

        They really need to make it more solo friendly.

        • Doubler says:

          I never really got to do any of the heists. Getting 4 people together is hard.

          But even counting an income 100k per hour you’re still doing an extremely limited set of heists over and over again, probably for days, to afford a single entry level thing included in these patches. It’s still really bad.

        • DelrueOfDetroit says:

          They also made the bone-headed decision to make blowing up another person’s ‘owned’ vehicle a tick towards being put in the bad sports pool. So when you do inevitable get griefed by somebody in a decked out Karuma you can’t do a thing about it. Maybe this decision was made to prevent the game from becoming a C4 fest but then don’t let people make cars with bulletproof windows!!

          The fact that both ammo and dying cost money was another poor decision. Every time you die it costs $5000 of in game currency. This means if you say, fall down a mountain it will literally cost you nearly $100k as you die repeatedly. Having ammo cost money just flies in the face of what makes GTA GTA.

          I still had some great moments in GTA Online. Robbing convenience stores with randoms is one of the best experiences I’ve had in a game ever. Feels just like that scene from Drive.

    • Anti-Skub says:

      If it was fun to earn the money…maybe. Unfortunately the only way to earn the money required for some of the more expensive items in less than 3 years is to repeatedly grind the same content hundreds of times.

      I mean you want a yacht? That’ll be literally 500+ missions. You’re looking at 100-150 hours for work a single item. That’s not a fun level of time invested vs reward.

      And that’s playing in a none fun, grindy way, just doing the same crap over and over as fast as possible. You want to play different game modes, mess around, have fun, do inefficient things that are less tedious…you know, what the game is supposed to be. You’re looking at hundreds of hours for that single item.

      • thinkforaminute says:

        Rockstar wants that sweet, sweet Shark Card revenue.

  5. vorador says:

    I think it’s telling that rockstar is more worried about money hacks that godmode griefers. Guess their Shark Card DLC sales are not going so well.

    • Tannhauser says:

      Exactly Vorador. The priorities of Rockstar on GTA Online are pretty telling. They hardly address any cheating that isn’t money-related.

  6. PoundCoin says:

    Since I started playing GTA:O I’ve been suspended 4 times and had my bank account reset 4 times. I’ve never hacked, cheated or even used mods in singleplayer but still I’ve been banned 4 times, most recently was mid heist. Now you’re telling me next time they’re going to take all the stuff I ran pac standard 500 times for?.

    I’ve been playing since console launch but you know what, nah, I’m out. Sod this, I can use that 70gb for something not run by sharkcard hocking fuckwits.