Players Tackle Battlefield 1 Morse Code Mystery

Some soldiers of Battlefield 1 [official site] have stopped chucking grenades and sniping each other from across the map long enough to discover some pairs of mysterious headphones scattered around, which can be picked up by a single person during the fight. They then found that a jumbled morse code message would play if that person stood close to a radio station hidden somewhere on the map. What can it all mean? I’ll tell you: it means another elaborate Battlefield easter egg hunt has begun.

Players have started pitching in with theories and suggestions, as well as finding more headphones and recording the coded messages. So far all they have uncovered is just rando messages like “GO SET XKG OR FOXM ETH SETE RRMM MRN” or “NOROT YHAE NQ7UH WE GOTSSAAF ITINCE”. But considering the previous game’s history of complicated easter eggs, it’s reasonable to assume there is some cipher to decode these, and players are now searching for just that. Battlefield 4 had a few easter eggs, but the most famous were this giant megalodon and a secret camouflage skin unlocked via a ludicrously complicated series of puzzles.

A Google doc containing all the theories and locations of the headphones has been set up and a concise summary of the hunt so far has also been posted on Reddit. The community is getting stuck in, so if you are into this sort of thing make yourself useful and learn some morse code or something. Some folks are suggesting this is a pigpen cipher, after discovering a clue scrawled on a chalkboard. Others are saying the morse messages are random junk without meaning until some other (as yet unknown) steps are completed. Heavens knows what’s at the end of all this. A new pair of gloves? A set of ridiculous “prototype” horse armour? We can only hope so.

All I know is that Battlefield 1 is a good but safe shooter. If easter egg hunting isn’t your thing, you could always make yourself the guardian of its secrets by killing anyone who comes near the headphones. I think the world would appreciate that kind of troll. Do it.


  1. Grizzly says:

    I would honestly appreciate it more if people just played the objective and, perhaps more importantly, GAVE ME SOME AMMO. Aaargh!

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      *hands Grizzly a single shell*

      Got your back.

    • BobbyDylan says:

      When 60% of the team are sniping, it is a challenge to get restocked.

    • Little_Crow says:

      Being that K/D ratios have always been the ‘scoring’ method in online games it’s never a surprise that people gravitate to the glory classes rather than support.

      Perhaps a randomised scoreboard at the end that isn’t always ordered by K/D, but sometimes HP Healed, Vehicle HP repaired, Player HP Healed, Explosive Kills, etc.

      • PvtHopscotch says:

        Correct me if I’m mistaken here as it has been a few moons since I played but didn’t BF2 provide a single score that included objective captures, support/heals, kills, etc? I want to say purely from (admittedly often poor) memory that it listed kills and deaths on the score board but performance/ranking was based on that single aggregate score. I seem to recall liking that for the exact reason that it didn’t push the emphasis toward pure combat.

        Regardless of if I’m remembering right in regards to that, I do remember that BF2 was the last BF that I ever experienced large scale teamwork in public servers. I remember vividly one experience, rolling to objectives in an armored column consisting of 2 LAVs with dismounts and a Bradley (Linebacker iirc?), actually establishing half-assed cordons to secure points. Meanwhile two F/A-18s kept our airspace clear of rotary riff-raff and if enemy fixed wing came into play they would often lure them into flight paths that allowed the Linebacker to assist. Then there was me, happily playing a medic because it was fun keeping my buddies in the fight but since the class didn’t get some gimped weapon and just had a basic rifle (as it should be I might add) I could fight the fight too.

        Good old days and whatnot.

      • TWChristine says:

        I could be wrong as it’s been a while, but I believe that’s kind of what WoW does in the battlegrounds. Maybe not so much randomized, but it takes into account stuff other than straight kills. The wife and I played a healing priest and druid respectively, and we would often be near the top of the scoreboard just from healing. Ultimately though, I don’t really care where I fall on the scoreboard in any game, as long as I’m not on the bottom where it looks like you haven’t done anything! It sucks seeing you have “92 dmg” and the next lowest is something like “654 dmg”

    • Thurgret says:

      I find things are much better in this regard in the Operations game mode.