Total Warhammer’s Wood Elves expansion now blooming

I’m sure wood elves are lovely folks but I know if I ever see one, there’s no way I’m not ending up mulched around a sapling. If that sounds a lark to you, hey, the Wood Elves have arrived in Total Warhammer [official site] with today’s launch of its latest expansion. ‘Realm of the Wood Elves’ adds the murderous hippy army with their own units, their own story campaign, and a few twists that make them different to play. Read what we made of them when we played a preview version.

Wood Elves being, y’know, wood elves are fond of swift attacks with some fearsome cavalry and archers who can fire even while moving. They’re also friends with trees. Do not anger trees.

Realm of The Wood Elves is £13.99/17,49€ on Steam. Even without buying it, you can now enjoy new Twarhammer stuff. A free update today added new maps along with Grey Wizards and Jade Wizards.

Here’s a gameplay trailer showing off how Wood Elves play on the campaign map.

And here they are in battle:

If you’ve ever carved your name into a tree’s bark, know that an elf is coming to carve the tree’s name into your face. I once met this tortured tree on the shore of Loch Lomond and knew better than to check those names against missing tourist reports.


  1. jasta85 says:

    Wood elves got great ranged units and rule the skies but they get run over by a strong cavalry army in multiplayer. But people are still figuring them out so guess we’ll see how they work in the future.

  2. Technotica says:

    Wow such a broad game with so much variety!

    You can lead these great armies in the Warhammer universe as almost anyone, be it a male human king, a male human wizard, a couple of male dwarven kings, a male demon on fire, a male mutated abomination, an evil male human warrior, a male human necromancer, a male vampire, a male green big spore-man that doesn’t actually have a gender, another male spore man without gender, and a third one too but with magic! Also a male elf, a male walking tree, a male walking bull and a male walking bull with wings!

    Every conceivable variation of man you could possibly wish for!

    There must be something here for everyone right?

    • exile2k4 says:

      I agree, I’d like to see more female characters/units in the game in general too, but it seems like an odd faction to be making the point on given that they have options for female leaders, female heroes and female units?

    • LexW1 says:

      Yeah, it’s kind of strange considering some of the armies in the game do actually have canon, official etc. female leader options, and y’know, it’s 2016. I’m surprised that they haven’t even tried to sell them to us. Did they really manage to put in the Wood Elves without adding a female leader? Because prior to that they could at least have said “Well most of the official, canon, female leaders are elves”.

      @exile2k4 – Actually this army is a good one to comment on because it’s one with some of the most female troops in the wargame, and has had female leaders in the wargame, so they had options, but chose not to take them. It’s not horrifying or anything as much as perplexing.

      • exile2k4 says:

        None of the main faction leaders (i.e., the ones you can choose to play as in campaign) are female. The Wood Elf minor faction leaders (so other Wood Elves who are potential allies/enemies, but who you can’t play as) can be male or female. Generals can be male or female, so an individual army can be led by either, and your MP Wood Elf army can be led by a female general.

        I’d rather there were female faction leaders, but given the way the legendary lord system has worked so far (they’ve given most factions 2 options on release then added more options later), I can see why CA went with the 2 they chose for the Wood Elf release, hopefully they’ll add a female playable faction leader later.

        • A Wanderer says:

          Remember that we are talking about Total War here.
          It’s just probably a few fans being stupid, but remember when CA tried to add female and mixed units in Rome 2 and Attila ?
          A big fucking outcry of teenage boys. “Women don’t fight” “What is that PC bullshit, give me my big men with axes !” “That’s not accuuurraaattte ! (yeah, because Total War has always been accurate)”
          So I think they won’t try that with leaders any soon. Say what you will, but the Total War community can sometimes be pretty stupid.

          • Premium User Badge

            Drib says:

            “Teenage boys”, and all your examples are screaming with lots of punctuation and voooooowels. Making the other side look absurd means you’re automatically right, doesn’t it?

            Thing is, people didn’t fight in mixed units at the time. A female general? Doable! Completely. Unusual but not unheard of at the time. But don’t just get huffy that a game based (granted, loosely) around historical simulation might just want to simulate history. May as well demand that WW1 games have female soldiers, despite, you know, history.

            That said.

            Warhammer fantasy battle has long had female leaders, and I agree it’s a bit dumb they’re not in this title. I don’t recall, do the demon armies even get Daemonettes?

            I think the stink people raise over it is a bit daft, but in this case it certainly does make sense to have female leaders, or even (arguably) agender ones like demons and trees. But no, it’s a series of dudes. Mostly white dudes.

        • Cleave says:

          I’d be very surprised if we don’t see Ariel as a DLC legendary lord in the near future.

          • SaintAn says:

            She’s in the Tree of Ages according to a mention in game. Not sure if that means that she won’t be added later, but thought it worth a mention.

            Don’t know anything about Wood Elves except they’re based on Seelie Court Fey legends and that all the Asuri hate the hell out of each other so much that they fight with each other while a horde of Beastmen are invading the forest and destroying their tree, that they think everyone except themselves are traitors to the forest, and that there’s a talking tree that’s a dick to everyone too.

    • SaintAn says:

      Well if Malekith’s mom is still alive during this games time I’m sure she’ll be a LL for Dark Elves. And Neferata will probably be revived as a new Vampire faction LL later on when Tomb Kings get added.

      • PhilBowles says:

        Pretty sure Morathi survived until the End Times event but it doesn’t matter if she didn’t – Azhag the Slaughterer died years (in game time as well as real world time) before the loose time period depicted, but is still in the game. Not that it corresponds all that well with any timeframe in the official canon, as Karl Franz has just become Emperor in the Empire campaign, but that was decades before Archaeon showed up or Mannfred’s resurrection.

    • Chesarae says:

      IIRC, vampires have a couple females. Or does it not count if they’re not overweight, transgender, pink-haired and enrolled in liberal arts?

      Keep this PC crapola outta gaming pls

  3. JimboDeany says:

    Is there any indication that they might release all the DLC as GOTY type thing? I’m keen to get the lot but it’s an extra £45!!

    Maybe I’ll just grab the Welves and be done with it

    Also is this it now for additional races until we see the release of the next game?

    • Rich says:

      Give it a few years.

    • exile2k4 says:

      All games go on sale eventually so I’m sure at some point in the future you could pick all of this up much cheaper even if it’s not as an all-inclusive bundle, but I get the feeling it might be a bit of a wait for any significant discounts on it.

      The good thing is that all the added races/units etc. are added to your game as opponents regardless of whether you buy the DLC or not, so even with just the base game (I think it’s 25% off on Steam atm) you’ll still get a more fleshed out world than on launch. The only reason to buy any of the DLC is if you plan to play as that faction, and given how much time you get out of playing through a couple of campaigns with them for me it’s been well worth it.

      I think the Wood Elves are the final race DLC for the first game, although they’re supposed to be releasing a fuller Bretonnian roster for free early next year to make them playable on the grand campaign.

      • JimboDeany says:

        SOLD! think i’ll grab it then and just not bother with the other DLC as I already have the Beastmen and CW came bundled with the game.

        Cheers guys

      • SaintAn says:

        Think they said this is the last big expansion they’ll be doing for this game and that from now on it will all be smaller. May still get new races, just they’d be ones that play similar to the current ones and probably won’t include the mini campaigns. Hope we at least get Skaven instead of having to wait until the 2nd or 3rd game. Keeping people waiting a year or more for Skaven will piss a lot of people off.

        • Cleave says:

          I don’t think we’ll see Skaven until the 2nd major release although Skavenblight is on the existing map in the impassable area between Tilea and Estalia so who knows. I hope they flesh out some of the existing minor factions like Kislev and Norsca and make them playable before then.

          • SaintAn says:

            Just read an interview after posting that yesterday from one of the main devs saying that they don’t have the rights to do minor factions so modders will have to do them. And some other important stuff like the stand alone expansions being full game sequels now and that they’re delayed by a year or more now, plus other stuff that’s not very clear because it was translated and he didn’t go into detail.

            link to

    • SaintAn says:

      You can buy the expansions piece by piece so it’s not overwhelming to get them. All expansion content in in the game to fight against if you have it or not.

    • PhilBowles says:

      The original plan for the game’s ‘free-LC’ releases mentioned that an existing NPC faction in the base game will become playable (i.e. Bretonnians), and we probably have more magic lores (we now have all eight Imperial ones, but it’s odd that we have no Power-specific Chaos magic) and perhaps more lords to come.

      Otherwise, probably unless the reason we haven’t seen Skaven yet is the difficulty in implementing the Undercity, and they’re currently working on them. No other significant factions occur in this part of the Warhammer World.

  4. engion3 says:

    Why does their website have no content on it.