AI War 2 aims for Oct 2017 after Kickstarter success

It’s a Christmas miracle: AI War 2 [official site] has hits its crowdfunding goal on its second attempt, its wonderful creators Arcen Games will live to dev another day, and we’ve probably all learned a little about feelings or some other sappy nonsense I guess. The original AI War is a fascinating RTS – and one of Adam’s favourites – with a wealth of options in a war against an AI overlord who’s playing entirely differently to you. Given the first Kickstarter’s failure and Arcen’s recent troubles, I’d worried about both this game and the whole studio but thankfully all is looking up.

The second Kickstarter had a lower goal, shooting for $50,000 (£41k) rather than the first’s $300k (£243k), to reflect its smaller ambitions but the campaign did hit enough stretch goals to bosh in a few extra ideas. It ended at $97,205 (£79k), hitting stretch goals for new music, the return of the Spire, a new type of AI enemy stalking you, and ancient interplanetary megaweapons. They’re hoping to hit more stretch goals through ongoing crowdfunding on BackerKit.

Arcen say they’ll take a two-week break for the holidays and to wait while Kickstarter processes payments, and then they’ll crack on. They’re planning to release AI War 2 into early access in May 2017, launching it properly in October 2017, then supporting it with patches and maybe DLC or expansions.

For more on where the game’s going, check out this design document. Here’s the Kickstarter pitch video:


  1. Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

    Here’s to a world in which Arcen keeps making games until the end of time. I don’t even *enjoy* most of their products, but I own and try them all the time, out of sincere curiosity and admiration.

  2. Kaeoschassis says:

    “maybe DLC or expansions” is such a sad thing to read after the behemoth that was the first AI War, but understandable given the situation right now. I’m just relieved and overjoyed that Arcen still exist and are still getting to make games, I really don’t want to lose a dev like that one. We have so few that still give us such fun experimental games. For the record, I’ve actually enjoyed MOST of their stuff, and both Bionic Dues and Last Federation are personal favourites out of my whole gaming library. If they keep making games, I’ll keep buying them.

  3. Be_reasonable says:

    A fantastic studio. AI War was their first big hit for a reason. It has a lot of expansions and an active community after so many years. If you haven’t tried to get into this game, now is a great time to check it out. I’m a longtime fan.

  4. SlimShanks says:

    I have played AI War, Bionic Dues, and The Last Federation. They are all tremendously interesting games from a design perspective, and quite good fun. I really wish I had given Arcen more money, they are one of my favourite studios just for their ambition. I hope they get back on their feet!