Battlefield 1’s ‘holiday truce’ includes new game mode

It’s easy to forget that as we sleep soundly in our beds, the screaming, blazing grindwar of Battlefield 1 [official site] is still happening on foreign servers. It’s a good thing the combatants enjoy it. And, lucky them, there’s a new game mode being introduced as part of a Christmas event, as well as some other bits and bobs for the troopers. Snuggle up and I’ll tell you all about it.

The new custom mode is called Blind Delivery and it’s basically the current war pigeons mode, in which you and the enemy wrestle for the affection of a sad bird, but this time you have no minimap and only handguns or explosives are allowed. It went live yesterday. Other details of the event, which EA is calling its “holiday truce”, include a battletag for those who log in over the holiday period (depicting soldiers shaking hands over a football), vehicle skins, and a free battlepack – the game’s underwhelming crates.

It’s a smaller update than the previous one, when the WW1 shooter added a Fog of War mode and Hardcore servers, but no doubt it aims to get new and old players together for some jolly Christmas murdering. You can read the full details of the update here.

Mostly, I am disappointed DICE didn’t figure out some way of adding a game mode which was just first-person football in the middle of no man’s land. And while it’s possible they are holding that back as a surprise for Christmas Day, I don’t think it likely. WW1 shooter Verdun did something just like this in 2015, letting players snowball fight and have a kickabout. But even if Battlefield didn’t follow its example, I still expect some players to stop fighting. So if you’re out there on the 25th, don’t shoot.


  1. paranoydandroyd says:

    Is it bad if I’m considering buying the game just so I can NOT play it on Christmas?

    • syndrome says:

      No. I would also recommend that you also buy something from me, say for 60 quids, and then NOT use it. I am more than happy to oblige to your requests, so I’ll make extra sure that any residual usability isn’t just wasted if the item isn’t used, for example by carefully omitting any potential usefulness that could be exploited during the holidays. Thank you in advance and do come again.

  2. DaftPunk says:

    Is there going to be free pass for bf1 in near future,or some mp demo like in the old days of Battlefield. Would really like to test out the game online.

    • BobbyDylan says:

      There was an Open beta a couple months ago. I doubt they’ll do a free weekend anytime soon.

      • DaftPunk says:

        So what,only option is to pirate the game and try it out on cracked servers?

        • nuttyjawa says:

          Crazy idea, buy it!

        • Sian says:

          Or, y’know, wait patiently for a free weekend.

        • syndrome says:

          Or, erm, go watch it on yt, because it’s the same thing in reality, the only difference being you in control.

          And the aforementioned control is highly customizable, very responsive, and definitely not a source of frustration, unlike the potential experience itself, which may vary depending on your mood, tactical skill, hardware stability, network lag, controller precision, and probably most importantly, with whom you’re playing with.

          If you’re worried whether your specs are high enough, I think there is a 30-day moneyback guarantee, but in any case, there is a featured called Origin Access, which lets you subscribe for a month, and play any Origin game for free during the subscription. I don’t know if it’s still the case, but there was promotional something something for Origin Access, and specifically for BF1, turning the whole thing into a fully-featured shareware-alike demo.

          • syndrome says:

            This is taken from Origin Access as is

            “Members can try these games, no purchase necessary”

            “Battlefield 1
            Experience the dawn of all-out war. Play for a full 10 hours.”

            “FIFA 17 (Trial)
            Make your mark on and off the pitch. Play for a full 10 hours.”

            I guess these are specific deals, tied to those two games only.

            What I don’t know is whether one can get Origin Access erm access for free.

          • DaftPunk says:

            I am more concerned how would game run on my pc.. I’ll look in to origin and free trial thanks!

  3. Erzeal says:

    How disappointing. When i saw holiday truce, i thought they were going to honor the real even and have a no fire period where each side comes together in peace and maybe plays football for a bit and just casually chat with each other. Too bad. :(

  4. Marclev says:

    Is it only me or is naming the event after the famous WW-1 ad-hoc stops to fighting over Christmas somewhat distasteful seeing as it doesn’t involve anything to do with not fighting??

    • Erzeal says:

      Yea, since its simply just a medal, its really bs. They should have made this an actual an event, where their is peace between the two sides for a bit.

      • TheSplund says:

        Agreed – knocking a ball about would have been a really great idea but i doubt it would have played that well, still it would’ve been a suitable move.

  5. Pharaoh Nanjulian says:

    Verdun is running the Christmas Truce again this year. Every other three rounds the level comes up. Snowballs and football replace the guns, while vignettes of fraternising soldiers huddling round braziers can be found around the map.

    Last round I scored a Central Powers hat-trick, wrote some postcards and listened to various nations’ carols on the gramophones.

    This year they’ve added a Highlander piping mournfully and a battlefield funeral going on which are both rather touching.