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Battlefield 1 adds Hardcore servers and Fog of War mode

Strictly Hardcore

'Hardcore' servers have arrived in Battlefield 1 [official site], crammed full of warsettings to make the WW1 FPS's multiplayer deadlier and more difficult. The official custom game mode 'Fog of War' has arrived too, chucking players into a foggy forest for team deathmatch action. These have both launched as part of the first BF1 'Battlefest' event, which kicked off yesterday - hot on the warheels of this week's BF1 Fall Update.

Hardcore mode you'll likely know from earlier Battlefields. Depending on each specific Hardcore server's settings, you'll find things like friendly fire, no minimap, no crosshair, increased damage, and so on. It's tougher and you need to think a little more. Hit up the server browser or Custom Games menu to get hardcore.

Fog of War is also a tricky one but quite different. It's a team deathmatch mode tossing soldiers into the Argonne Forest with a thick fog rolling through it. They're armed only with pistols, with no minimap and no crosshairs to help them find or shoot enemies. Enjoy the surprise and confusion of shadowy figures suddenly appearing out of the fog. Read a bit about that and other Official Custom Games over here.

Annnd the Battlefest. Its other festivities include giving away virtual dog tags for your virtual armymen, challenges giving fancy weapon skins, a sale, and double XP days in older Battlefield games. Head over here for the full schedule.

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