Necromunda coming to PC as “turn-based tactical RPG”

Of all the Games Workshop licenses, Necromunda is the one I’ve been hoping to see on PC. A turn-based tactical game of gang warfare in the fantastically rotten goth-tech underbelly of the 40k universe, it was my favourite tabletop game back in the day. Now that every other corner of the two Warhammer settings has been mined, the folks at Rogue Factor are finally digging into the rich vein of Necromunda. Their game, which carries the subtitle Underhive Wars [official site], is in development and though the announcement doesn’t provide much detail, we’ll be learning much more in the very near future.

You may remember Rogue Factor for Mordheim: City of the Damned, a game which made a fantastic first impression around these parts and a much cooler response at release. I thought the Early Access version showed some promise, but our final review found it less than impressive. Not having spent any time with the final release, I can’t really go any further than I did in those early thoughts, but there were certainly the seeds, at least, of an enjoyable tactical romp there. Here’s hoping Rogue Factor can apply what they’ve learned when they take on the hives.

Necromunda: Underhive Wars is a turn-based tactical RPG. Rival gangs of ruthless warriors are locked in an endless war for control of the Underhive, a gigantic warren of derelict factories, rusted metal husks, and forgotten technologies. Anarchy, violence, betrayal and death rule this hellish place, long forsaken by any semblance of civilization.

Whether this will be a more traditional form of turn-based game than Mordheim isn’t clear but I hope so. Mordheim’s odd approach of letting characters move within a set radius while the world is frozen around them was interesting but made the maps seem much messier than an actual grid and action points system would.

I want weird characters, weirder techs and weirderest environments, and I hope there’s a strong sense of team-building and progression, whether through a dynamic campaign or a scripted one. As I mentioned above, we’ll know more soon.



  1. Tony M says:

    Exciting. I hope this game has a camera angle that mimics playing a tabletop game (or at least xcom-like). The camera in Mordhiem was rage inducing. Half the fun of playing a turn based strategy game is surveying the battlefield like a god.

  2. Shar_ds says:

    Necromunda’s great asset is/was it’s verticallity, something that TBS’s have generally kept to a minimum (it’s a non-trivial camera issue). I’m interested to see how they approach this!

    Seriously, most of my memories of Necromunda are peering over the shoulder of a model trying to prove to someone that I could see their guy two floor below.

  3. Chiron says:


    If this is even half as good as Mordheim I’ll be happy, hopefully they’ll have learned a few things though.

  4. DarkMalice says:

    Not that I want to sound discouraging or disapproving, but I sincerely hope they do a better job with Necromunda than they did with Mordheim. The UI, camera and tactical map in Mordheim are pretty poorly implemented.
    That said, here’s hoping!

  5. Von Uber says:

    Please, please be good. I want my old Escher gang to rise again!

  6. mark.barbara says:

    Please be good. Please be good.

  7. Captain Narol says:

    That’s excellent news, they did a great job with Mordheim and many Warhammer fans were asking them to do Necromunda next.

  8. Rath says:

    Calling it now; base game will follow regular Necromunda gangs from original game, Outlanders will follow as an expansion pack and then Adeptus Arbites will be some kind of overpriced DLC.

    I want to be a Wyrd Pyromaniac. And also in the game.

  9. Zekiel says:

    Spyrers FTW

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      My Spyrers came pretty near the end of my miniature collecting, and remain the only ones who’s paint job doesn’t fill me with shame.

  10. int says:

    Brilliant! Now we just need Inquisitor and Gorkamorka.

  11. mercyRPG says:

    I hope the game designer of Mordheim: City of the Damned was fired and won’t be hired into the industry ever again. The Battle UI and mechanics was a totally FUBAR-ed unintuitive trainwreck. I couldn’t have a XCOM-style overlook WTH is happening on the battlefield. Combatants were running around blind, I couldn’t see who attacked from where. Where the enemy was, no tactival overview. Contender to the title WORST COMBAT SYSTEM EVER.

    • Menthalion says:

      The premise of the combat system was great: get a sense of the combatants perspective of the situation.

      The execution, not so much. But not nearly bad enough to warrant your hyperbole.

    • Gwyddelig says:

      Were we playing the same game? Sure it had it’s quirks and was not perfect but I had a blast with M:COTD.

    • jackflash says:

      I’m with mercy on this one. Desperately wanted to like / buy the game but played it on a free steam weekend and found the camera system to be inexcusable for a turn based tactical game.

  12. Menthalion says:

    Top down for commanding, over the shoulder view for resolving actions would be my ideal Mordheim / Necromunda game.

    Options to toggle per action type (movement / attacking / attacked etc.) would be icing on the cake. I loved the fog of war feeling of Mordheim, but the overview was tacked on and subpar.

    Optional replay of the whole turn from OTS would be cool too.

  13. sapien82 says:

    It’s as if the gods have answered my prayers !


    as others have said ive been saying in my head why not just reskin mordheim and boom necromunda
    and finally it comes :)

  14. JimboDeany says:

    Genuinely can’t believe people are asking for this to be as good as Mordheim was….Mordheim was a terrible game only made passable by the fact that the setting is interesting. There was literally nothing else that was good about the game.

    I have high hopes for this however, despite my head telling me not to. I sense heartbreak ahead.

  15. SanguineAngel says:

    Interesting fact. XCOM the new was largely based on Necromunda and it shows, in my opinion. Which is a good thing :)

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      I always held out hope that someone would make a Necromunda (or to avoid the dread lawyers of GW, Necrotusdi) total conversion from X-COM 1 or 2

  16. lamontagne says:

    Finally. I have been waiting a long time for this announcement. I hope it’s decent, I mean, hasn’t XCOM proved that isometric/fixed camera combat games can work.

    I’m already disappointed about the choice of studio – Mordheim was a massive turn off for me and I thought they had completely missed the mark with it.

    Not that it really matter. I’m going to buy this regardless. Also I heard whispered rumours around the net that a boxed version of Necromunda is on the cards.

    • JimboDeany says:

      It is indeed, now that Bloodbowl is out I’m pretty sure that Necro is next on the release schedule

      • DarkMalice says:

        I actually think it’s Aeronautica Imperialis from Forgeworld rumoured next.

      • Vedharta says:

        Theres ‘Gangs of Commorragh’ coming out first, which seems to be Necromunda-with-jetbites-and-Dark-Eldar (neat!)

        • DarkMalice says:

          It really isn’t, although it might be a nice game in itself, there’s pics of the box content around.

  17. slerbal says:

    Gosh people seem really divided over Mordheim! I bought it and never got beyond the tutorial as it felt very messy to me. Hopefully they can do a better job on Necromunda.

    • NetharSpinos says:

      I was happy to try playing it, but the difficulty of the AI has to be seen to be believed. It seems to automatically know where all of your mercs are regardless of LoS or any other factors, and won’t hesitate to hunt down your party one by one instead of hunting for Wyrdstone like it ostensibly should be.

      I am hoping that Necromunda will be slightly more lenient in that regard. Also preferably that it is played similar to XCOM, but I suspect they will use Mordheim’s 3rd person shenanigans again.

      • Gwyddelig says:

        Tenner or quits it’s the same engine so 3rd person once more.

      • Archonsod says:

        The AI doesn’t know where you are, though it does know your deployment area (as you do its). In fact the player’s at a bit of an advantage there since you can easily spot where the AI is by watching where the cache / wyrdstone is disappearing from on the tactical map.
        As for it’s propensity to hunt you down the problem is usually the opposite – it’ll sometimes happily run off in search of wyrdstone while under fire rather than taking cover or attacking. Though by ‘hunting you down’ I suspect you’re splitting up the group which is likely why it’s a problem – any lone unit is at a severe disadvantage if outnumbered (even as low as 2 – 1) and the AI will seek to take advantage of this if you let it (though conversely seems to have zero comprehension of why this is a bad idea itself, which is another of the complaints regarding the AI). There’s only a few heroes who are viable to move around without a few pals backing them up (and so far the only one implemented in the game is the Vampire, though even there I’d add certain caveats regarding equipment, enemy and skills).

    • Gwyddelig says:

      The tutorial section was… odd… I got what they were trying to do in terms of taking you through the various mechanics but I found YouTube more helpful and just dove right in. I enjoyed the game immensely.

  18. ButteringSundays says:

    As a tactical, turn-based RPG person this pleases me! I only have passing familiarity with GW licenses (even though BloodBowl 2 is my most played game, some how…), but after a good browse on the Googles this looks like it could be fun!

    If they can deliver something close to XCOM 2, with a fresh new theme, then they can have all of my moneys.

  19. savagegump says:

    Yay, Necromunda was a thing in my brief GW dabbling in my early teens and I always thought it had great potential for a RPGish strategy game. At the time I envisaged it as an X-Com (the original) style turn based game so I hope it lives up to that. Haven’t played Mordheim myself so will retain my optimism!

  20. Menthalion says:

    This news came in just in time to remind me WH40K: Sanctus Reach, the turn based game from Slitherine will be released tomorrow.

  21. Gwyddelig says:

    Not since I jettisoned painting skaven for underage discos and all their empty promises have I felt the pull of a GW IP like this.

    Sweet Jesus don’t let this be shit.

    • Von Uber says:

      I know, it was my last fling too with GW. There’s just so much promise with this that it is inevitably going to disappoint.

  22. mitthrawnuruodo says:

    I found this dev somewhat pretentious and inflexible. Mordheim was an unambitious mediocre game, which owes its positive player reviews to the “hardcore” gimmick. I cant help but be skeptical of this one.

  23. PancakeWizard says:

    Perfect! Time to dust off my Cawdor gang.

  24. Greg Wild says:

    Awesome. Mordheim was kinda shonky, and I wish it was a little more XCOM: Blades and Blackpowder Edition. But, in spite of that I got 70-80 hours out of it and intend to play more. Fun game.

    Looking forward to Necrumunda!

  25. Nauallis says:

    I just hope (as many before have intimated) that this is more like XCOM/XCOM2, and a lot less like Wasteland 2. But there’s “RPG” in that description, so we’ll probably get an absurd amount of abilities, and not enough spec points. Sigh.

  26. Aetylus says:

    Ah this is good news. And so happy its by the Mordheim crowd. Much as I like me some grid based eye of god TBS, what I like even more is some variety… Mordhiem was a luverly game in its own right, made even better by the fact it wasn’t yet another move-em-around-the-hexes-em-up.

    But maybe Mordheim (and Necromunda) needs to come with the warning to go play Valkyria Chronicles first.

  27. Ross Turner says:

    Oh at last! The optimist in me is hoping it’s more like XCOM, but the realist thinks it’ll be a reskinned Mordheim.

  28. Dlarit says:

    It looks like most people share my view on Amazing news they are making a necromunda game it has potential to be so good and has been on my wish list for so long, please please please be good!

    The following would be on my wish list:

    XCOM should be the framework they aim for on this I think a silmilar engine would be ideal to represent the tabletop game digitallly, line of sight and multiple floors are a must.

    Please do not follow the Mordhiem mechanic of matching NPC opponents teams to yours, there should be underdog mechanic as in original game for bonus xp both for you and the NPC.

    Rather than a scripted Campain have an open ended style meta game and the NPC’s follow same rules as you, gangs bid against each other to take missions, earn credits to progress, let the NPC gangs manage own gangers and equipment and level up accordingly.

    add a travel time/setup mechanic to “world map” similar to XCOM, larger gangs take longer to arrive to prevent someone Zerg rushing every mission, you could choose to send a smaller team to get there quicker but risk reward that a small team just can’t do the job, why not allow second or even third team to arrive later in missions based off travel time etc.

    Missions both against other gangs and against the environment, real risk reward system. Take too much risk and Lose some high profile gangers and you take a real hit but it doesn’t need to be game over just get some new members (either greenhorns or if you have credits hire some pitslaves) and take some smaller missions to fight your way back up.

    There has to be a Gang rival mechanic and way of ambushing/attacking other gangs, I’m thinking they should take some hints off the way totalwar campain map works for this. Maybe even have a system for individual gangers to have grudges and option for duels/missions to resolve these.

    Be as true to the tabletop as you can, make sure everyone involved in making this game plays regular games of Necromunda and has a copy of the rule book on their desk at all times!

  29. sonofsanta says:

    YES! YES! YES!

    Although I just wanted Firaxis to make it, as XCOM + massive verticality is clearly the perfect model for this. Tactical battles, then managing your territory at the strategic level, perhaps sending a couple of juves off scavenging.

    Still. Necromunda! Still my favouritest setting of all settings ever.

  30. 2helix4u says:

    Been looking forward to a Necromunda game for a while but as someone who bought Mordheim in early access I’m pretty disappointed its by them again and won’t be buying it until I can see that its not just reskinned Mordheim.

    Dodgy as hell, lifeless feeling gameplay and completely obtuse stats. A shame because I like Mordheim as a setting a lot more than Necromunda.

  31. Glentoran says:

    Out of all the GW games i played over the years, Necromunda was certainly my favourite. The rules, the lore, the setting, the joy of building up your gang and the looting. I just want a straight-up port of the tabletop game to the PC. Like Cyanide did with Bloodbowl.

    Please, please be good.

  32. wodin says:

    I wish developers intending to make a turn based or even better a WEGO game take a look at a game like Silent Storm which did turn based tactical better than 99% of games that came afterwards.

    A Wh40K game using a modified Silent Storm engine would be bloody marvellous.

  33. MadTinkerer says:

    Finally! It’s about time someone did this.

  34. Telparion says:

    The worst problem of Mordheim was not the UI or camera; but the inner part of game design which implies the progression system, abilities, and how involved the player could be in it.

    I mean, with so many abilities giving a “+3 %” to something, so many one-axis progression (combat skill for melee characters, range skill for ranged characters, etc) that were so linear…

    They should handle this problem in Necromunda and make decisions for a real system which makes sense at every step.

    @ Adam I hope we’ll see news about this :)
    Thanks a lot for this article.