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Necromunda: Underhive Wars plans to fix crashes and save corruption

Bug fix bees report to the hive, please

Turn-based gang warfare game Necromunda: Underhive Wars launched its grimy take on Warhammer 40,000 earlier this week. You'd expect to need some grit in a strategy game set in a polluted, gun-totin' dystopia but players seem to be fighting the game itself about as much as rival gangs. The makers say they've been watching player feedback and have set out a plan to fix crashes, corrupted saves, and other technical issues.

Over on Steam, player reviews are decidedly "mixed" as are the Steam forums, which the creators say they've been reading. "We're committed to support the game with both technical fixes and new content," they say in an update post. "The first priority is to fix the remaining technical issues. The team is already working hard on them and we plan an update improving the overall stability in the coming weeks." Crashing and stability bugs are the top priority, they say, followed by corrupted saves and other technical issues.

Aside from those big blocking issues though, the comments from players that seem most prevalent are related to the game's AI behavior. One player reports seeing an enemy walk past their gang member three times before deciding to attack. Others point out similarly questionable tactical decisions by enemies, like running straight into the midst of a player's gang and kneeling there. Even the positive player reviews routinely call out the incompetent enemy AI.

Getting enemies some extra tactical training doesn't seem high on the list of fixes, but they say it's at least a matter of discussion. "The level of the AI and its speed is a big topic as well. We're investigating what can be done on that front for now and we'll share more info about that later."

For what it's worth, RPS played Rogue Factor's other tactical RPG and our Mordheim - City Of The Damned review cites similar frustrations with enemy intelligence. Fixes for crashes and save issues will hopefully be resolved in short order, but maybe don't hold your breath on the dummy AI.

The developers are tracking a list of known issues that you can check out if you'd like a heads up on a few things to avoid. In the first campaign chapter, for instance, "there is a table on which the player can vault. Doing so stucks the character on the table and blocks the mission." Don't be climbing on the furniture for now, y'hear?

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