forma.8 has adorable animations and lovely palettes


I don’t know if you remember but a while ago I posted about the lovely little animation touches of Inside. forma.8 [official site] is another game which invites that treatment. It’s a beautiful Metroidvania prospect which uses that sort of flat colour layering that you find in minimalist posters and similar (think WPA posters and the related neo-vintage look you find in Firewatch’s imagery). The first thing I was thinking of pointing to were the colour palettes, some of which are unusual in gaming, but right now there’s just something so pleasing about little animated touches that elevate the world through attention to detail:

Listen to the swishing of the grasses and look at the way the blades move as the drone thingummy I’m controlling nudges them! Listen to the sploshing and the splashing as it arcs in and out of the water.

If you’re interested in the colours of the backgrounds I’m going to pop some extra screenshots below. In terms of the actual game stuff, I’m finding it pretty relaxing, with some difficulty spikes, although I’m now at a point where I’m not sure what to do next and the pared-down, non-verbal nature of the UI isn’t helping me with what I’m actually missing, so I’m currently at the retracing steps but not in the fun way part of a Metroidvania!







forma.8 is out on 23 Feb.


  1. GunnerMcCaffrey says:

    “the colour palettes, some of which are unusual in gaming”

    Are there specific palettes that get used a lot in games? I know this is true in film, but I’d never considered it might be true in games as well.

    • GameCat says:

      Washed out brown/gray in manshooters.

      • Ghostwise says:

        Also known as the “realism is brown” era of gaming.

      • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

        That is the obvious one, yeah. I was going to suggest Max Payne 3 as an exception, but looking at screenies, it really just went for brownish-green, and with much less saturation than I remember… I guess it must have been the first in a while to make a cautious venture out of Brown Town.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Waltorious says:

    To me, this looks like Another World mixed with Unmechanical. Which sounds excellent.