With ice and fire! Dota 2 launches revamped Jakiro

Jakiro from Dota 2 [official site], once thought to be the world’s most popular flying plastic bag since that one in American Beauty, has been revealed as a two-headed dragon. Valve yesterday pumped out a Dota 2 update which included the long-promised new model for the support character(s), which makes clear that Jakiro are actually a dragon and not a burst bin bag. Who knew! The new Jakiro mostly follows the same concept, though Blue Head’s cute beard o’ barbels has become a jawline so stern even Judge Dredd would envy it. Update v7.03 also brought a fair few balance tweaks, and one of those mega-expensive ‘Arcana’ cosmetic sets for Juggernaut.

The new Jakiro have a more-detailed skin and model with a few style changes, like extending the ice and fire hints their wings and more of their body, adding greebles to the tails, picking up some nice ribbed plating, and tweaking the heads. The old model’s body was mostly a tattered black blob. Here, that DotaCinema rabble made a wee video showing the remodel:

I’ve been fond of Jakiro since their introduction in the DotA days so I’m glad to see this new look. I do miss that barbelbeard but the model’s certainly more pleasant overall.

As for ol’ Juggie, Richie Rich and his pals can now pick up the ‘Bladeform Legacy’ Arcana bundle for £27.99/$34.99. As with other Arcana sets, it hugely changes his look with a whole new body and oodles of particle effects.

I’m still not keen on different spell effects and especially not skins which turn an orange fella into a blue fella. It can get confusing if one doesn’t studiously follow new skin releases, and confusion is unhelpful in Dota.

Besides, if you play enough Juggernaut to think thirty quid for a Jugg skin is worthwhile, I don’t want to group with you. Try support for once. See how it feels to end a game with brown boots still. Buy some god damned wards.

DotaCinema also took a look at Bladeform Legacy:

And for yer full list of balance changes, hit the update 7.03 changelog.


  1. X_kot says:

    The visual overhaul has been long overdue, for sure, but I’m left with a burning question: is Macropyre any good now, or is it still a sinkhole of mana and skill points that looks pretty?

    • jon_hill987 says:

      Macropyre has been good for a while now, best with another (AoE disable) ult to combo with but pretty strong. Can easily wipe about a creep wave preventing a high ground push as well.

  2. mhmdshv says:

    DotA 2 is truly going downhill. This is even worse than the 7.00 patch.

    Valve once had a code for releasing a new item, which one of them was “The color scheme must represent the original hero”. I have no idea how exactly a blue fish will represent juggernaut, with a crit effect that is even more annoying.

    And this new Jakiro looks more like an “American goldfinch” rather than a dragon.

    I think i will go back to that mod which disables cosmetic items for the client.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      Honestly, I saw this coming when they first released it. They did the same to TF2 after talking about the importance of readability and silhouettes in that. And yeah, that Juggernaut, what were they thinking? It looks like Spirit Breaker. They really should have stuck to the colour pallet rule.

      • Jack Johansson says:

        True. I did even try to install LoL after playing DotA since 2008, but wasn’t successful. I can’t imagine how what will happen to DotA2 after another couple of years.

        Pity they don’t listen to players, and you never get an answer on DotA2 developers blog.

    • vorophobe says:

      Cmon bro, the entire game is “truly going downhill” because you don’t like the additional of a couple of reskins? Lolwut? And at $34.99/€33 for the arcana, I really don’t think every Jugg will be running one, so it shouldn’t be that big a problem for you

      Cosmetics aside, the patch brought a metric ton of balance changes, nothing positive to say about those?

      • Jack Johansson says:

        What happened to DotA2 in these recent years is not really pleasant (I’m talking about game mechanics, only and only, nothing else), such as nonsense comebacks and unpredictable events. Dendi once said he wishes Dota2 to be more skill based, rather than team based. The amount of creativity spent on this game is decreasing, just the same as the new “Talent tree” which was a duplicate from HoTS (as I’ve heard from multiple sources).

        One could say “This is a free game, deal with it”, but i would say we should expect more from a game holding it’s position amongst top marketplace in eSports.

        I love this game and certainly i wouldn’t have played it for 8 years if there were only Cons but not Pros, however i would like it to improve, each day.

        • PikaBot says:

          ? The 7.0 rework made the game consistently LESS subject to unpredictable events by deemphasizing random rune spawns. Used to be that if their mid got a haste rune first thing, someone was going to die, no questions asked.

        • Banyan says:

          Let me interpret:

          “Nonsense comebacks”=”I liked the patches where whoever won the first teamfight was almost guaranteed to win the match 30 minutes later.”

          “unpredictable events” = “I liked it when only a third of heroes were viable in the meta and their weaknesses needed to be filled with specific item builds. Having 95% hero pick viability and the ability to use the talent tree to vary item builds makes the game too open for my taste.”

        • Jack Johansson says:

          I like to see your faces when you want to pick a haste rune, you click on it, and it’s that moment you notice that “you f**ed up”, because it’s actually a monkey king infested by a Lifestealer after swallowing a Pudge – 3 in 1, economical!

          • potarto says:

            Several things:
            -If you are against a lifestealer, he is missing and he is lvl 6+ you should expect him to be inside someone

            -If you are against a monkey king and he is missing you should expect him to be using mischief or tree dance to gank you.

            -You should be looking at their items. If you see lifestealer has an aghs, then you really should be expecting them to do a three man gank using tree dance or mischief especially if three are missing from the map.

            The point is that if you are over 1k and have decent awareness that kind of thing shouldn’t really be an issue, it’s no different from smoke ganking or setting up on a rune to gank someone as they come to take it. It is fairly easy to tell what they are trying to do with their lineup, their items and the fact that they are missi ng

    • Rwlyra says:

      I actually uninstalled Dota after 7.0 patch. I think Icefrog lost his touch and it’s no longer a game I would spend hours to play two matches on :P

  3. dorobo says:

    Dota? Naah never again. Feels like i’ve quit smoking.

  4. FredSaberhagen says:

    Dota: not even once

  5. Dreadwuggles says:

    Play a support in this meta? INCONCEIVABLE!

  6. potarto says:

    “It can get confusing if one doesn’t studiously follow new skin releases” how? You’re in a game for 20 – 60 minutes and you really can’t differentiate between heroes. You have that few seconds of pregame time where you can see what they have equipped, you can also see the arcana hero icon at the top of the screen and if you are really struggling you can set up hero icons on the minimap and hero names above their models

    Thirty quid is not alot, I have 4 friends who have already bought the arcana, the only one of them who really plays jugg enough to have an excuse of buying one plays support more often than core, and the others like collecting skins. Stop hating on people just because they have a bit of money to spend on a game that they like, spending thirty quid does not make them rich.

    • potarto says:

      And there is also a second style for jugg’s arcana, which keeps closer to his color scheme.

    • Rwlyra says:

      “30 quid is not a lot”. I know it’s the internet but I can’t believe that people really have opinions like this.

      It’s not a lot only if you live in some sort of colonial major power.

      • potarto says:

        Minimum wage is like 6.50, 5 hrs for an arcana on minimun wage is not alot. If you are struggling to make ends meet sure, but you aren’t forced to buy it. I have friends who live on minimum wage but can easily afford it. You can’t get everything that you want, you have to be willing to work overtime, save when possible and be prepared to cut back on what you are spending.

        Instead of buying something you don’t need, save it. It pays off in the long run and means that you can afford to buy arcanas in the future or when you have spare money.

        • Blackfish says:

          Yeah, seriously. People who have computers and internet connections good enough to play DotA bitching about a luxury item costing a few hours pay.

      • potarto says:

        And if you really hate dota skin prices, it might interest you to look at CS:GO.