Rumour! Call of Duty: WW2 is real, and a real bad name

Rumours of Call of Duty’s return to World War 2 have circulated since, well, since Activision’s mega-hit FPS series left it almost a decade ago. This time it’s really for really real, folks including our chums at Eurogamer say. Whispers, rumours, and supposedly leaked artwork say this year’s game will bear the rubbish name Call of Duty: WWII. Presumably this would mean a sad farewell to the wall-running and double-jumping of futureCoDs but the welcome return of the M1 Garand rifle’s ping, the loveliest sound in all murderdom.

Last week, the Tubefolk of TheFamilyVideoGamers anonymously received a load of artwork supposedly for Call of Duty: WWII. Now, Eurogamer say their mysterious sources confirm it’s legit. I pressed my own sources for details, and was informed that eight-packs of Irn-Bru are cheap at Tesco this week, that I forgot to run the dishwasher last night, and that this top is alarmingly translucent in sunlight.

On Call of Duty’s three-year development rotation, 2017 is the turn of Sledgehammer Games. They’re the studio behind 2014’s Advanced Warfare. You know, the one with Kevin Spacey.

Call of Duty’s last World War 2 adventure was 2008’s Call of Duty: World at War. Treyarch took the Modern Warfare formula on a tour of the Pacific and Eastern Fronts. We’ve not actually had a good jaunt around the traditional Western Front WW2 spectacle within the framework of modern CoD, so that could be interesting.

Anyway. Believe as much or as little of this as you please. In the absence of firm word on what Sledgehammer are up to, let’s check in on Sledge Hammer:

Ah, another busy morning.


  1. chuckieegg says:

    “Relax, you’ll get your cup back”. Christ, I used to love this show. The eighties were…. a less demanding time.

    • AndyR says:

      And then the naughties came along and destroyed cup-related imagery forever…

  2. gbrading says:

    What an abysmal name. Call of Duty: WWII? Why not give it a snappy subtitle like United Offensive or Finest Hour?

    • Seafoam says:

      Call of Duty: Crisis world: Infinite Destiny

      Call of Duty: Dr.Robotniks Mean War-War-War Machine

      Call of Duty: Generals and Dictators: Zero Hour

      Call of Duty: The Legends of the True Saviors: Legend of Hitler: Chapter of Death in Love 2

      Call of Duty Online Alternative: Gun Fighter Online IV: Third Squad Jam: Betrayer’s Choice

    • carewolf says:

      I thought the naming now went like this: Call of Duty IV: Modern Warfare 3 – WWII


    • bills6693 says:

      Why not just name it in the modern tradition, by having the title be:

      Call of Duty

      Or alternativley, to make sure people know the setting:

      Call of Duty Two

  3. Premium User Badge

    distantlurker says:

    “the welcome return of the M1 Garand rifle’s ping, the loveliest sound in all murderdom”

    +10 internet points for you, ma’am.

    • Ross Angus says:

      Make that murderpoints, and you got yourself a deal, buster.

    • Michael Fogg says:

      the ping is a myth ;)

    • Save Me Grilled Cheesus says:

      It’s only a lovely sound if you are shooting at/being shot at the guy with the Garand.
      If you are the guy with the Garand, it ranges from “Meh” to “Aw, bollox!”
      A rifle that announces to you that it’s empty is nice. A rifle that announces to the world that it’s empty, is not a plus.

      • Ben Damage says:

        What we need is a game where we can drop the rifles to lull people into rushing when they think a reload is on.

        • Micky Nozawa says:

          Rising Storm has the (historically authentic) ability to create the ping noise without reloading as to lure opponents into thinking you are.

      • Eightball says:

        In practice this never mattered. Think about it for a second – is real combat decided like counter strike, 1v1 within 30m? No. Additionally, war is pretty loud – good luck hearing one ping over the sound of the dozens of other firearms in action plus people screaming and artillery going off.

        • ZippyLemon says:

          I think they were talking about in videogames.

          • Bull0 says:

            In vidyagames characters scream I’M OUT when they reload, like they’re duncan bannatyne with hearing loss

    • JB says:

      It’s a close run thing for me, between that ping and the “bloop” of a blooper.

  4. udat says:

    Couldn’t care much less about a new COD, but that TV show clip was incredible. I’d never even heard of that show. I enjoyed the clip, but don’t think I could stomach watching all 41 episodes!

    • skyturnedred says:

      Summers in Finland used to be amazing, there was always reruns old classics on some channel. Shows like Sledge Hammer!, MacGyver or Batman (Adam West era).

  5. Chairman_Pow says:

    You fools, it’s obviously an acronym!

    My money is on ‘Call of Duty: War Wager Infinite Iteration’

    Or surely it’s an internal code name for the project?

  6. N'Al says:

    Can’t wait for next year’s sequel: Call of Duty: WWII II.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Why not borrow The Fast and the Furious naming scheme: 2 Call 2 Duty.

  7. Rosti says:

    This is all a horrible misunderstanding. They are porting Call of Duty Wii to current gen platforms.

  8. Michael Fogg says:

    Please, no more Ardennes, Normandy, Tunisia etc. They should dig a bit deeper, like maybe the invasion of Poland, fall of France, Dunkirk, Italian front… Chinese front?

    • Useful Dave says:

      Indeed, you can look at some of the raids pulled off by the Fallschirmjäger near the start of the war. If they just gave you a German campaign you could get plenty of interesting views without having to go too obscure. Not that obscurity is bad, but it can turn into Battlefield 1 where presence is entirely off the scale.

      • Ben Damage says:

        I don’t think the general population of FPS-ers are ready to play the Germans. BF1 is home to some pathetic trolls in this regard; even though the timeline is obviously too soon they insist on throwing the words out there. It’s difficult to spend a round trying to ignore them.

      • Premium User Badge

        FhnuZoag says:

        I really hope we never get a CoD campaign where you play as the nazis. There’s like a million ways this can go horribly and I expect Activision to fall prey to most of them.

        • Elric666 says:

          I think letting the player play a Nazi campaign would be the most interesting CoD ever. The campaign would of course present the player with moral choices throughout the game, and make him suffer the consequences, such as being hanged by the allies or rot in a Siberian prison camp at the end of the game.
          Playing morally could of course raise suspicion from superiors.
          A game like this, done thoughtfully, could be more than a game – a real eye opener, like Spec Ops. The Line or This War of Mine.

  9. Schmouddle says:

    Translucent tops? Are you talking about the weekly Wednesday midnight iteration of Call of Duty LXIX: Final Strike….no, that was not correct….let me rememeber…was Stroke? No…Luck…Lick?
    Whatever, we are pressing own sources.

  10. SuicideKing says:

    Play the Iron Front port for Arma 3 (IFA3) while you wait for this! ;)

    • Mr Bismarck says:

      No! Play Day of infamy while you wait for this!

      It has swearing Canadians in it.

  11. NetharSpinos says:

    I assumed the video would be a link to Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer, but it was not to be. Maybe next time.

  12. CartonofMilk says:

    “Trust me, i know what i’m doing”

    I have to say his (or mostly her) point about british police…. american tv and movies have got us used to police dealing with dangerous situations by using guns, and i recently watched the excellent bbc show Happy Valley and i have to say while in the real world i am totally for a world and police without guns, as the officers in the show kept going into dangerous situations armed only with a truncheons and either getting injured or killed i would be frequently found nearly yelling “WOULDNT HAVE HAPPENED IF YOU HAD A GUN NOW WOULD IT?” at my tv. To the point it genuine annoyed my gf (who is coincidentally british)

    • barashkukor says:

      This is a random trolling event? Not routinely arming the police is a pretty solved issue in the UK, particularly for police officers themselves.

      Is this about the 80’s video? Because that idiot was firing at fleeing men, apparently with the intent not to kill, with no care at all for his backstop while back-up was “hi Bob, you have something in your teeth” distance away in a car (and drunk?). Maybe a little too gun-ho. I’m fear he’d be dog-piled to the ground by his own guys in the UK, $200 hair cut or not.

  13. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Is the guy in the first screenshot up there like… pinching the end of the barrel as he fires?

    • Eightball says:

      I think they used the same animation for SMGs they had for rifles, which predictably looks off.

    • Snids says:

      Maybe he’s pinching the end to delay the expulsion of all of his ammunition.

  14. gabrielonuris says:

    They probably saw what EA did with Battlefield and had the “great” idea of naming the next game as Call of Duty 2; then an employee with more than 3 neurons thought it would be an obvious rip off, and decided to name it Call of Duty: WWII.

  15. DEspresso says:

    Oh look we are back to World War 2 Games. The Pork Cycle begins anew.

  16. Cvnk says:

    That TV show clip was nearly indistinguishable from “Police Squad!” but I assume other than the coffee cup joke it was being totally serious.

  17. thekelvingreen says:

    Excellent! I look forward to being shown how Middle-Eastern terrorists were the real bad guys in Dubya Dubya Two.

  18. Biggus_Dikkus says:

    Call of Nature II

  19. sege says:

    Why is this article not titled “Eight-packs of Irn-Bru are cheap at Tesco this week”?

  20. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    This time around they’ll be showing it all from the German side because that Nazi demographic is so hot right now.