Saints Row 2 is free on GOG right now


It’s Saints Row a go-go round GOG today as the store celebrates more of Volition’s wacky open-world crime ’em ups arriving DRM-free on its virtual shelves. Some Saints games have been on GOG for ages but now the lineup is complete with the addition of Saints Row 4 (the one where you’re the President of the USA) and Gat out of Hell (the one in Hell). To mark this Saint-o-rama, Saints Row 2 (possibly still my favourite Saints Row) is free for 48 hours. And folks who own Saints Row games on Steam can add them to their GOG account to get DRM-free versions. GOG are holding a sale too.

To grab Saints Row 2 free, hit GOG’s site and click the banner. You will need a GOG account for that but not any special software. Saints Row 2 is known as wonky on PC but most problems I had with it cleared up naturally as I upgraded PCs over the years. I do recommend the Gentlemen of the Row mod for the squillion things it adds.

The sale celebrating this Saintsfest has 75% (or thereabouts) off all the PC Saints Row games as well as a few others published by Deep Silver. £3.79 for the best superhero game, Saints Row 4, and its DLC is a right bargain.

The progression of Saints Row is curious. I’d say 2 is my favourite Saints Row game because sometimes I simply want to do silly crimes and drive around a big open world as a comic book gang boss with a genuine vicious streak. Saints Row 3 doesn’t sit right with me because it awkwardly has one foot in that past and another awkwardly trying to step in a bucket of custard and get stuck so it can stomp and slosh around like a big fool. Then Saints Row 4 is about the President of the United States jacking into The Matrix to take down an alien overlord who’s destroyed the Earth and yes, it fully embraces that silliness. It’s not really Saints Row but is the best superhero game.

To get your Steamy Saints GOGged up, swing on by GOG Connect and follow the instructions there. You’ll still keep ’em on Steam but also have the option to download DRM-free versions on GOG. You’ve only got a week to do this, as the option will vanish on Thursday, April 27th at 11am. Chop chop!


  1. Rao Dao Zao says:

    Nice, I only had bog-standard retail Saints Row 3 but gog connect has turned it into the full-fat all-DLC edition. Thanks gog!

  2. Darth Gangrel says:

    I have SR2 on Steam and on GOG through GOG’s Connect service, buy I like that they’ve now included the other Saint’s Row games and that they’re cheaper than getting Steam’s Ultimate Franchise Pack at 75 % off. Now I’ll probably get all the SR games on GOG instead, but in a future sale (have enough games now as it is).

  3. MajorLag says:

    I played SR3 before 2, so maybe that’s colored my view somewhat, but I think 2 is overrated. Not that it isn’t pretty good, just not better than 3. And 4 is a riot.

  4. Kollega says:

    I think the reason people might like Saints Row 2 is that in the PS3/X360 era, it was a more faithful continuation of GTA III-Vice City-San Andreas lineage than GTA IV. At least, that is how it seems from my observations of why people like it, and comparing those observations with my own experience of playing the game when it was still new.

    Unlike SR:TT, the gameplay of which was deliberately tilted towards “let’s watch the wackiness!” to the exclusion of more down-to-earth stuff, in SR2 you could – for example – use your phone to call a taxi, or an ambulance… or a Pimps-R-US representative. Or take the celebrity protection missions, where you use the civilian-throwing mechanic to get rid of annoying fans… sometimes by throwing them into helicopter blades or oncoming trains. It’s much closer to classic balance of “GTA wackiness” than either the madness of SR:TT or the dour crime drama of GTA IV. Or at least, that’s how I see it.

    Oh, and speaking of side missions; I think we can objectively say that those were more funny, fun, and varied in SR2 than in SR:TT. And sadly, it’s the best ones – like the sewage-spraying truck missions, or FUZZ missions, or celebrity protection missions – that didn’t make it into The Third.

    • malkav11 says:

      Well, the more restrained tone (which is quite the thing to say about a game featuring an activity where you spray sewage on all and sundry, and radioactive waste tattoos as a major plot point, among other things) is certainly something a lot of people appreciate about Saints Row 2, but I don’t think that’s why it’s the best. I mean, I really enjoy the wacky nonsense in 3 and 4, also. But it is unquestionably by far the most complete, coherent and lovingly crafted of the franchise. There’s far more personality and uniqueness to every bit of Stilwater than is ever provided in any of the three incarnations of Steelport. There are more (and generally better) side activities. There are significantly more missions, which are still quite varied. The storylines are coherent and characterful. Etc. Heck, the thing that really shows you just how much work went into SR2 (and not the later games) is that when you let your character idle, they will naturally gravitate towards one of dozens of animation nodes placed throughout the city which have you doing something appropriate to that particular spot and which contain remarkably little overlap. That is a crazy level of attention to detail.

  5. Addie says:

    To describe #2 as ‘wonky’ is British understatement worthy of the Queen herself: it is a porting disaster of legend, and even with the Gentlemen of the Row fixes it still has plenty of performance issues, ropey controls, and crashes. And the radio music has been down-sampled from the xbox version, the swines.

    Great fun while it’s working, and with a bleak sense of humour that’s missing from the other games. It crashed on me near the end and ate my save though, and that still rankles with me.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      That sucks. Last time I played through in full, unmodded, I suffered zero crashes and only minor hiccups when driving between zones. I’m sorry to hear it’s still in a state for some!

    • MajorLag says:

      I don’t remember having much issue with it myself (Gentlemen of the Row was involved, I’m sure). But after experiencing the disaster that was the PC Dark Souls port, I’m not sure lesser ‘wonkiness’ would even register with me.

    • Optimaximal says:

      Luckily someone managed to extract the higher-quality Xbox 360 music and repackage it for the PC…

      link to

  6. welverin says:

    “It’s not really Saints Row but is the best superhero game.”

    I think I’ll still take the first couple inFamous games over Saint’s Row 4, and mind you I like SR4 a lot.

    • SebfromMTL says:

      Infamous was OK but I always felt kinda under powered in those games.

      • malkav11 says:

        I think Infamous’ big failing is imagining you as a superhero whose special superpowers are things like “shooting bullets real fast”, “shooting bullets all aimy”, “throwing grenades”, “firing rockets” and so forth. I mean yeah they’re electricity but the functional difference is pretty limited. You do get an occasional ability that differentiates you from say, a GTA protagonist, but things like SR4 and Prototype go much further and are as a consequence much more fun from a superpowers perspective, IMO.

  7. SebfromMTL says:

    The last SR where you could drink 40s and smoke blunts while driving around!!

    • April March says:

      The last SR where eating a giant greasy burger in the middle of a firefight was often a sound tactical decision!

  8. Adrian98765 says:

    Thanks! I’ve never played any Saints Row game! I want to play Saints Row series since 2014.. It’s my first time…I’m so excited for Saints Row 2 :D

  9. Booker says:

    I always had problems with enjoying Saints Row 4, because even in the game’s own logic you are just inside a simulation. How am I supposed to enjoy anything, if it’s just a simulation?!? Sounds weird to say this about A GAME, but still…