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Saints Row V teaser hints at a reboot and Gamescom announcement

Where in the universe are the Saints headed next?

What do you suppose is next for the 3rd Street Saints? Volition's unapologetically bombasic action series Saints Row is about to give us the lowdown. We've known for a while now that another proper Saints game was in the works, but the developers are now teasing a reveal of some kind for the next game alongside the not so cryptic message "rebooting". We're slated to find out more next Wednesday at the Gamescom kickoff, but here's what we know right now.

Deep Silver previously warned fans that there wouldn't be a Saints Row announcement at E3 this summer. I figured perhaps that meant we were in for a longer wait but hey, not so. Volition are using the Saints Row website to host a handy little teaser: graffiti on a brick wall that reads "Rebooting". In case that isn't clear enough, games man Geoff Keighley lets on that whatever Deep Silver and Volition are announcing will be showing up at Gamescom Opening Night Live next week. Once again, Keighley has it.

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What'll it be then? The Saints Row account has been responding to quite a lot of excited fans on Twitter to confirm that yes it is a game, more specifically a "whole new game". Definitely not a remaster of Saints the first and second then. Does the rest of the graffiti mean something? How much should we read into Keighley's emphasis on "Bossing" it? Heck, who knows?

The existence of a new Saints Row has been floating around for a while, mind. Deep Silver's corpo parents Koch Media (formerly Embracer) said in plain terms back in a 2019 earnings report that "As of August 2019, Volition is deep in development of a brand-new Saints Row game, the first full entry in this much loved series since Saints Row IV was released in 2013."

As for the "rebooting" part, well that seems like it certainly might have something to do with the ending of Saint's the fourth, doesn't it? I don't suppose games from 2013 get spoiler respect (this is your warning), so here's me telling you it has to do with the Earth being exploded and, in the bonus ending, the discovery of time-travel by which to possibly restore it. Is that the setup for a direct sequel and a reboot of the Earth? Or a reboot of the series itself in some other fashion? We'll likely find out next week, it sounds.

Whichever way it goes, Saints Row is always a weird, irreverant kind of fun. Suppose maybe you'll be president of the galaxy or something this time?

Gamescom Opening Night Live premieres next Wednesday, August 25th at 7 pm BST (11am PDT) over on YouTube.

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