Expeditions: Viking out today, the raven will feast

Hey videogame folks. Expeditions: Viking [official site], the tactical Norse follow-up to historical plunder sim Expeditions: Conquistador, is out this very day. Thursday. Thor’s day. The day of thunder. The day of might. Axe-time draws forth, long the wolf howls. Out from the ground the Nithhogg sups at the ankles of warriors. Hel calls to you, wretched cravens, Valhalla awaits only the bloody, only the bold. The hammer blow comes, look high and see the ships above you. Your land is drowned beneath the worldserpent.

Whoa. Excuse me. Don’t know what came over me there. Expeditions: Vikings is out today and it is twenty five pounds.

“Sail to Britain in search of wealth and glory.” Already dunnit, mate. But maybe in this CRPG meets hex-based tactical battler I’ll do better. Heroes come with abilities and skills that come in useful during a fight, like the ability to hook shields away with an axe, or spear your enemies from multiple hexes away. But there’s also some parleying with the chiefs of the lands you’ve come to raid, so it’s not all murder and pillaging. Alec had a play of an earlier version and said it is “not exactly glossy, but it’s refreshingly grounded.”

I do enjoy a bit of Viking-ing, myself. There’s just something that feels weirdly familiar to me about it all, something strangely alluring… it’s as if I have seen these beards before… Touched these shields. The sheathed sword, it screams to be released. Crows cover the worldtree, the bloodtide rises. Bone-time, axe-time, the burning of battle. Fall away into the first seas, enemy, you are unworthy of the Valkyries. You shall not see the all-father, but languish with the head of Vathruthnir, defeated by the Gods. The sole wisdom you seek is delivered in death.

[blinks and remembers you are here]

Expeditions: Viking is available now on Steam or GOG.com.


  1. BaronKreight says:

    I had my eye on thiso ne. Going to try it sooner or later.

  2. Someoldguy says:

    Very tempted but I just have too many games to play, so I will wait and see,

  3. CitizenX3639 says:

    I jut hope it’s good and also more people will find their first game Expedition:Conquistodors(probably butchered the spelling). Its one of my all time out of nowhere finds that is a personal favorite.

    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      It’s spelled “conquistasaurs”.

    • Tuidjy says:

      The first island was everything I want from this kind of game.

      The mainland felt rushed, very easy, and unsatisfying, to say the least.

      Still, I loved the game as a whole, and am buying this one as soon as I get home.

  4. Tayh says:

    As of this moment, the game doesn’t appear to be available for purchase on gog.com yet.

    • cpt_freakout says:

      It’s on their “upcoming” list, so I suppose it’ll be there within the next couple days.

  5. Kong says:

    A sword day, an axe day, the red dance of steel
    The blood-hunt, the head-hunt, the ravens’ delight

    I can hear the call as well. Celtogermanic heritage is strong…

    From below the dragon dark comes forth

  6. teije says:

    Okay good to hear. The first one was a enjoyable gem a little rough around the edges, looking forward to what they’ve done for this.

  7. mercyRPG says:

    Really nice game mechanics. But the devs invented the BORINGEST VIKING GAME in history. Endless dialogues with ridiculous Nordic names, Über-Boring Combat with Useless “power” skills, over-done battle cries and NO FUN combat..


    • Drakesden says:

      Let me qualify those statements … as someone who got to participate in 2 beta phases …

      There are basically 3 aspects to this game: story, exploration and combat.

      They intentionally focused on the story, which does mean walls of text and sorting out plots and characters, but it also means making decisions that can deeply influence the game you play. And they really give you a feel for how a Viking clan works: how closely knit the families are, the importance of honor, etc. It’s very well-written — the English is almost flawless. But this is way closer to King of Dragon Pass and the Torment games than to, say, Dragon Age or Mass Effect.

      I really enjoyed the combat in the first phase of the beta, because if you trained up your hird right, it was hard to lose. I don’t mind enemies being speed bumps because a) you get to play with the combat mechanics and special attacks without fearing a game over, b) consistently winning against an “evenly-matched” foe is great for the ego, and c) you can quickly get to the next juicy story bit.

      In the second phase, they really beefed up the AI, and the fights (for me) turned into bitter slogs. I think they were aiming for a more XCOM-like feel, where you cross your fingers on each attack … but so much time was suddenly being eaten up by fighting (and restoring and re-fighting) these battles, it felt like I wasn’t making nearly as much progress.

      I haven’t had the chance to play yet, but I hope they put combat difficulty on a slider.

      Having said all that, I would heartily endorse the game for any real Vikings fan (Norse, not American football).