What are we all playing this May Day weekend?

Another long weekend is here! Monday is May Day, so we’ll all be off dancing around maypoles and getting ourselves burned in giant wicker men. I hope I get to go in the arm with the geese; those honky lads love a bit of a banter. Those of us who survive the festivities will return on Tuesday.

Until then, what are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Adam: Flinthook. Lovely lovely Flinthook. Jolly, pleasant, beautiful, tough, weird Flinthook.
Alec: I am playing a five-hour train journey with a three year old, aka ‘”three back to back viewings of The Lion King after attempts at distraction with a colouring magazine end in ripped up pages and screaming”. In the event she falls asleep, I have Dawn of War III on my laptop. Pray for me, friends.
Alice: I’m finally getting stuck into Stellaris. After reading about Brendy’s adventures and watching a fair bit of ‘Tube, I can’t resist and have plucked up the courage. My 4X experience is mostly Civ and I’ve never played a grand strategy game so I’m excited to see how badly this goes. Perhaps my species will be able to smash our technology, de-evolve, and life in ignorant planetbound bliss. This weekend’s festivities do also include a seven-hour riot grrrl-o-rama and the Beltane Fire Festival, mind, so I might just go get my ears blown out then sleep in the ashes of a bonfire.
Brendan: I want to play What Remains of Edith Finch because I saw a gif of a player rolling a great white shark down a hill and I thought: you know what? That’s the game for me. I also started playing Hollow Knight yesterday, which is sort of a 2D Dark Souls but with cartoon insects. There’s a crying caterpillar who won’t tell me what’s wrong and I find that very upsetting.
Graham: In all likelihood I’m going to continue playing Breath of the Wild. I’ve fallen into doing one of the four minibosses that form the core of the game’s story, but I strongly suspect that if I don’t beat it first time, I’ll walk away and return to simply exploring. It really is a wonderful walking (or climbing and gliding) simulator. If I spend some time at my PC, I might finally give Unexplored a go, the roguelike that Adam raved about earlier this year.
John: [Yes, I fired him. Yes, he came back anyway. No, I don’t know how to stop it -ed.]
Philippa: It’s a long weekend which means NATIONAL TRUST PROPERTIES AND GARDENS A-GO-GO!

There is a butterfly farm and a botanical garden on my list at the moment. Being out and about a lot is something I love anyway but I started a newsletter recently to tell some longer-form stories about nature. That has been a really positive thing in terms of guiding that exploration or following up on interesting things I see creatures and plants getting up to. The signup is here if you are interested, but no pressure. I’m just enjoying sharing nice things :)

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Pich says:

    Persona 5 again. is there some law in japan where every modern fantasy media has to have some sort of huge government conspiracy in the second half?

    • eLBlaise says:

      Again you say! I’d like to finish it the first time lol, just can’t get into P5 even though I really like P3. Perhaps it is the pacing, seems to me that P3 tossed you into the gameplay much quicker than P5 which seems overly focused on nonsensically bashing the lead for his Good Samaritan act.

      In fairness I’m probably a dunce for buying a graphic novel in order to dungeon crawl.

      • darrrrkvengeance says:

        I agree that it took a REALLY long time for P5 to end all the tutorial/exposition stuff and open up. But now that it has, I’m really enjoying it. I put in another 10 or so hours this weekend, bringing me up to about 70 so far, and it really has me hooked. It’s hard to beat the characters from Persona 4 — and this one doesn’t really come close, imo; but I really do like the Tokyo setting, especially once additional areas start opening up besides the first couple you begin with. Other than Civ5 and Dark Souls, I can hardly think of a game in recent years that I’ve invested so many hours into, or that I’ve thought about as much when I’m not playing it, so I guess it’s definitely made up for the (painfully) slow start.

  2. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Exploring the neighborhood now that it’s stopped snowing and raining slush balls, exploring Tamriel in various forms, and exploring the RPS Forums. Almost certainly not exploring a cave with a magical lidar scanner because nooOOOPE, even though it’s really, really tempting.

  3. Mud says:


  4. Herzog says:

    Got my new 144hz monitor this week. So mostly Reflex and the Quake Champions beta for me. Might also continue with Metro Last Light. Adaptive sync is a fine thing! Wonder why I waited so long.

    Also might continue with Shadow Tactics via in home streaming. Too many choices!

  5. Godwhacker says:

    Nier: Automata and Flinthook. Going into Nier after Breath of the Wild is rather jarring- Zelda was polished to a high sheen in every aspect, whilst Nier is decidedly rough around the edges. Just getting into Flinthook- it’s not quite up there with Spelunky and Nuclear Throne but it’s getting close

  6. Scurra says:

    Lego City Undercover. The best Lego game bar none; it even surpasses the Marvel and Harry Potter games (which were my previous benchmarks.) As others have said, it’s basically Grand Theft Auto but with an actually likeable protagonist, silly but fun story, good jokes and an insane amount of content beyond the core storyline.
    Sure, the launch was a fiasco, but the update patch seems to have fixed pretty much everything. Certainly after a restart I went through the entire story sequence without a single crash or even noticeable gameplay issues. I don’t have a particular issue with lack of mouse control, although I understand why some people might.
    Now, can they sort out Dimensions for the PC too? I need my Lego Doctor Who.

  7. TehK says:

    Battle Brothers.
    Picked it up last week, all the brothers died horribly in my first tries, but I think I finally understand what to do and am now enjoying it greatly.

    And of course there’s the Kiev Major to watch. Vamos Brasil and such!

  8. Haplo says:

    I spent most of last weekend playing Stellaris Utopia, so this week it’s Persona 5! Again. New Game+ mode.

    *Italian kisses for P5 erryday*

  9. brucethemoose says:

    Modded Stellaris!

    Managed to form a giant federation with Mirilan, Geth, Trill and some ugly plants. They kept me unenslaved on insane until I could catch up to the AI.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the (2000 star) galaxy, the Kett just purged the Asari and have a enormous empire. But recently they messed with Sangheli (honorable warriors) and a Xenophobe FE a little too much, and they are PISSED.

    Hilariously, Vanu and NC are stuck in between, just scowling at each other atm.

    Having all those sci-fi empires together sounds insane and cheesy… But all their personalities fit suprisingly well.

    Of course, that’s just the tip of the mod iceberg… My goal is to surpass FE tech and get into the modded weapons before a crisis comes. As now they don’t exlude each other, so the scourge could come in and crash an AI rebellion if they so choose.

  10. Fomorian1988 says:

    Considering Poland has 2-3 free days at the start of May (2 national holidays on Monday and Wednesday, third on Tuesday if you get a vacation day or your place of work decides opening up for one day is counterproductive – which happens to be in my case), I have starting today 5 days of free time.

    So I’ll be playing Catching Up on My Reading and Movie habits – finishing and starting Seanan McGuire’s October Daye novels and watching movies I haven’t seen yet (starting with the already watched, sadly mediocre, Doctor Strange). Plus there’s American Gods, iZombie and Doctor Who during the weekend, plus new episodes of Night Vale and Alice Isn’t Dead.

    So basically game time will be limited for me. Maybe Sunless Sea and Stardew Valley, and maybe a Kitty Horrorshow short game.

  11. TheAngriestHobo says:

    I’m wrapping up my second playthrough of Nier, and looking forwards to a third. I wasn’t expecting NG+ to be quite so different from the first runthrough, so that’s pretty cool.

    I’ll probably also dip into Hitman for sandboxy, murderous fun, and browse some online stores while I consider what part of my rig I want to upgrade next. I’ve been buying a new component approximately once per month for the past few months… it’s a dangerously addictive habit.

  12. lglethal says:

    Naturally, I managed to get sick for the start of the Long Weekend, so I will be doing my best to recuperate.

    If I sart feeling well enough to play anything, Stellaris and Total Warhammer will be at the top of the list…

  13. Killy_V says:

    Yay !! Just finished Dark Souls 2 ! I’ll be NG+ing with a OP Faith build instead of my n00bish STR build, but first I need a pause from this dark world. I’m going to travel with friends, and I’ll be playing Mario Kart Double Dash and SSBM with them during this 12 hours long plane trip…

  14. Vandelay says:

    I got a shiny new copy of the Dark Souls Board Game. Alas, my usual tabletop gaming buddy is unavailable this weekend, so a real play will have to wait. May try a solo game to make sure I know what the hell I am doing when we eventually do play though.

    For games of the video variety, I really want to get stuck into Zelda, which I drifted away from a little while ago. It really is a lovely game and it is unlikely anything will surpass it this year. As with most open world games though, I always end up getting distracted just wandering around rather than actually achieving much.

    I also want to play some more Stellaris. My first real game ended abruptly when I managed to anger a mega powerful race that turned up outside my systems with a military about 10x more powerful than my own. My second game has been a bit more peaceful, as I am about the same strength as everyone around me. We do have an extremely strong pirate force not too far from us, but they seem quite docile at the moment. Once I am done with this game, I want to try out the excellent looking Star Trek mod too.

    Of course, I’ll probably just end up watching the Kiev Major.

  15. Captain Narol says:

    “Total War : Arena” closed alpha week-end !

    Can’t tell more because of the NDA, but I’m gonna play this all week-end long.

    I just can’t stop and I wish you all to get invitations for the next alpha week-ends so you can enjoy it too, fellow RPS members !

  16. Plastic Legs says:

    Escape from Tarkov. Just as soon as the servers pull their knickers up and come back online.

  17. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    More Witcher 3. It’s an NG+ play through, which makes more sense to me, because Geralt is supposed to already be a badass monster killer who already knows how to make all the potions and oils etc.
    Plus I read the books recently, so I’m following the plot a bit better now :)

    • Ben King says:

      Also Witcher 3 for me and hopefully some overcooked with my gf. I am not sure I will ever do much reading about Geralt, but after like 3 years of watching Acquisitions Incorporated I finally picked up Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind to read. As always I’m envious of Alice’s Fire Adventure Faire, that one always sounds fun. Lastly I think it’s worth noting that Fig’s inaugural game Outer Wilds just issued it’s first update since last fall, and it’s chock full of WIP Level design and their usual chatty irreverent banter. Made me happy:-)

      • Minglefingler says:

        The Name of the Wind is a good read, just don’t expect a lot of plot and if you’re anything like me you won’t like the main character to begin with.

    • elvirais says:

      It does make more sense… pity you can’t keep continuing as new game + after finishing it on that mode.

  18. skeletortoise says:

    Working on a very big final exam/project thing due late Sunday that I should’ve started Monday, but occasionally I’ll get to take a break to entertain my in-laws. Yay? (Some of that entertaining will be a baseball game, so I actually will be pretty happy then).

    Also, jealousy over a pretty silly sounding holiday.

  19. Unsheep says:

    rFactor 2, Automobilista, and RaceRoom. Continuing my current Championships in each respective game; Stockcar, F3, and Group 5 (Nissan Skyline 2000RS).

    Hegemony III: The Eagle King. A huge expansion for the core game.
    A historic 4X type game, with big maps and some cool combat units.

  20. nitwit says:

    I bought 2013’s Teslagrad on sale yesterday. From what I understand, I get to play as Nicola Tesla and shoot lightning from my rod! And for $2.00 I’m unlikely to be disappointed.

  21. sinbad says:

    Finished Mass Effect Andromeda today. There was a lot of unnecessary filler and it was far from perfect for sure, but enjoyed it a lot more than I expected after all the hate it’s been receiving. What Remains of Edith Finch next hopefully.

    • brucethemoose says:

      Andromeda was indeed a fun game.

      On the other hand, I have no desire to replay it. No need to revisit the characters (except SAM, who didn’t get nearly enough development for how interesting he was). And that is VERY different from how I felt about 2 and 3 in particular.

      • malkav11 says:

        The main replay hook for the original trilogy is the binary paragon/renegade spectrum, to me. Since Andromeda ditched that, there’s no major, obvious alternate path to experience and as a result far less replay value. And personally, I’m okay with that. I don’t need to be replaying games I’ve already finished when I have literally hundreds more to experience for the first time.

    • welverin says:

      That’s what I had been playing and what I’d like to be playing, but it got crash happy again so I started playing Destiny instead (decided to level up my Titan to see how much of the Age of Triumph book I can actually get done).

      I also played a bit of Gravity Rush, but playing that on the VIta doesn’t agree with my hands, makes me consider starting over with the remastered version on PS4.

  22. mpk says:

    My son and I are still playing Pokemon Go. We’ll be out walking this weekend, so will be sure to spend lots of battery hours hatching eggs and ignoring all the frikkin Sentrets.

  23. Unclepauly says:

    That bunny picture seems like a nice fantasy, and I’ll leave it at that. I guess atm I’m playing that favorite game of so many called “Gaze long into the backlog, the backlog will also gaze into thee” much more and it will be “I am become backlog”. Or I may give in and play Little Nightmares as I love eerie weird adventures.

  24. criskywalker says:

    I’m going to have played 500 hours of Rocket League! And I’m still having fun and closer to gitting gud…

  25. NetharSpinos says:

    Ideal weekend: continuing my trudge through Fallout 4, remembering and lamenting some of the godsawful dialogue options, invincible companions and All Combat, All The Time.
    Cleansing the world of Evil in Total Warhammer, but being stymied by siege after siege (which Bretonnia, despite its trebuchets, does not exel well at).
    Ministering to the exciting mysteries of the Sexy Brutale!

    Realistic weekend: Filing and gluing a small horde of plastic and resin pieces in preparation for a two-month marathon of barely adequate painting.

  26. Talahar says:

    I’ve once again restarted Jade Empire, from back when Bioware were still stellar. It’s still wonderful, kung fu-ey, and fantastic.

    • brucethemoose says:

      That’s been sitting in my Origin library for awhile, maybe I should get around to playing it.

  27. Emperor Norton I says:

    I am almost finished with Hollow Knight which is wonderful and highly recommended by me. Did you ever want a few more friendly faces in a Dark Souls game? Hollow Knight! Did you ever wish Dark Souls was a bit more cute? Hollow Knight! Did you ever wish Dark Souls was more 2D? Hollow Knight!

    Sure, it’s not the stirring artistic achievement that Dark Souls was … but it’s an awfully good game.

  28. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Playing the Gloomhaven board game on Tabletop Simulator. Does that count?? Have decided to back the latest Kickstarter anyway, now just enjoying playing the mini-campaign that’s running on TTS. It ain’t half fiddly and a bit lonelying soloing it on the PC. Can’t wait for the real cardboardy thing on my table. Have gotten right into my board games this year, I’ve hardly had time for videogames :(

  29. Shinard says:

    Morrowind. Not the ESO version, but the OG Vvardenfell. I thought I’d played it to death years ago (I think I’d finished all the questlines, from the DLC and the maingame, except from the Redoran faction ones and some silly little thing about some dude called Dagoth Ur) but reading Alec’s article about Morrowind in ESO relit that fire and, dammit, now I have to go back. Maybe I’ll even finish the main story this time round.

    Or I’ll get mobbed to death by Cliff Racers one too many times, and go back to SWAT 4, which I started the other day and which is great.

  30. haldolium says:

    Possibly LEGO Undercover, Dawn of War III, finishing Scanner Sombre, maybe playing a bit more Rain World, Paradigm, The Sexy Brutale, Warframe and Everything.

  31. Premium User Badge

    DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Still trucking through Persona 5, just started the fourth chapter (hackers.) I had Makoto join my party earlier this week and wow, she just instantly becomes the coolest character in the game, eh? I’m glad that Morgana has chilled out on the m’lady stuff for now. That stupid cat can be so obnoxious sometimes.

  32. Minglefingler says:

    Gonna try to finish Legend of Grimrock and there’s a fair chance I’ll buy the sequel and jump into that straight away if I do as Grimrock is fantastic and has a sense of exploration and acheivement that’s rare in modern games. I’ll probably do a few runs on Unexplored which I’m really enjoying despite being terrible at it. I did buy Lords of Xulima as it’s currently on offer on steam but the game seems punishing in bullshitty ways rather than a challenge I can get my teeth into.

  33. malkav11 says:

    It continues to not be a long weekend here in the States, but my previous weekend activities of Hex, Mass Effect Andromeda, and maybe some other random gaming that takes my mood all continue to apply. I suspect I will also be watching a decent Horizon: Zero Dawn Let’s Play I found in lieu of actually owning a PS4. And probably finishing off the first season of Colony, on Netflix, which is a quite engaging, well made SF dystopian scenario around humans living under totalitarian occupation by mysterious aliens, all of the day to day affairs run by quisling humans, most of whom have never actually seen the aliens.

  34. AutonomyLost says:

    Zelda, again. And I’m watching a let’s play of Outlast II. Fuck that game; it’s certainly entertaining to watch, but I cannot imagine playing it myself. Just can’t do the interactive horror thing!

    Also, Graham, if you happen to read this comment: I suggest starting with the Divine Beast in Zora’s Domain in the Southeastern part of the map. I think this is where the game kind of leads you naturally, but it’s fairly easy and the reward you get for besting the monster is greatly useful for all that follows.

  35. CartonofMilk says:

    my brother got me back into Warframe. Well…i’ve never really been into it. I played it for a hot minute around the time it came out and then again maybe a year later. It’s evolved a lot. I like it a lot more now than i did then.

  36. eLBlaise says:

    There is an unhealthy amount of ESO in my future, unless my connectivity problems persist in which case it’s probably back to Hollow Knight in pursuit of the true ending.

  37. tsff22 says:

    Picked up Flinthook, Streets of Rogue and Gibz this week, and so far I’m greatly enjoying them all, especially Flinthook. Its making me want to go back into Mercenary Kings because I want to support Tribute.

    Also been playing a LOT of Fallout 4 lately, and plan to get back into Witcher 3.

    Finally, I’m taking the MOBA plunge and starting up Smite.

    • Chairman_Meow says:

      I’ve been enjoying Smite a great deal on console. I really like the 3rd person perspective for a MOBA.

  38. cockpisspartridge says:

    Bathroom re-fitting interspersed with ‘The Long Dark’ for me. It is surprisingly addictive. Love fishing. Hate wolves and snow.

  39. Rainshine says:

    Not sure. Probably some Subnautica, I’ve made it past the ‘let’s see how much X I can collect’ to the ‘None of this does me any good if I can’t find blueprints, and AUGH THING CHASING ME!’ stage. Made the minisub, really want something apparently called the Modification Station, but have found no evidence of it thus far.

    And some HotS likely; I definitely was not of the already level 150 crowd at 2.0 launch, but they’ve done a good job of shortening the reward cycle

  40. AthanSpod says:

    I developed a hankering for a single-player survival game. The latest patch gave Subnautica some coverage and after a brief look at it I decided it’d do.

    Then I didn’t go to bed until 03:30 last night due to playing it (on the normal Survival mode).

  41. LionEyez says:

    After playing Final Fantasy Tactics all week on the train to work, I’ve picked up Expeditions: Viking and it’s pretty good! Turn based battles with an added layer of being the ruler of a small town / clan of vikings. Combat feels fairly challenging, even on normal. And the RPG-like quests kind of remind me of BioWare games, except the choices you make don’t feel quite so black/white. It’s actually role playing. Kill the guy that insulted your family and regain honor and renown, or let him go and possibly recruit him?

    I also like that your soldiers have more personality and place in the world and story than your average tactical turn-based game.

    • floogles says:

      Oh good news! The first game Conquistador I loved, really looking forward to playing Vikings. The role playing and shades of grey morality was definitely the best part.

  42. fish99 says:

    Bloodborne for me, nearly done with my third playthrough (NG) with a quality build using Ludwigs blade. It’s quite an OP build/weapon, and combined with still remembering how to kill all the bosses, this playthrough has gone pretty smoothly, which I don’t mind at all.

    • Daymare says:

      I’m on my first playthrough! Bought a PS4 this February, made it to Vicar Amelia. Got my ass handed for a few days. I farmed up a few levels and upgrades for the Saw Cleaver and then lost heart attempting her again.

      Just yesterday booted BB up and finished her on third try! Trembled for a while in excitement. Then managed Shadow of Yharnam on second try. Then, while exploring Yahar’gul I stumbled upon an NPC summon, and right into Paarl’s arena and the additional help made it a cakewalk. Now I’m attempting Amygdala.

      Any fun weapons/combinations you could recommend? I’m using the Cleaver because it deals a lot of damage and is still quite fast and versatile, the Crane for large groups and it’s pretty cool.
      I really want the Bow-blade but afaik it’s deep into Old Hunters, not sure if I should try and get it early.

      • fish99 says:

        Depends on your build. If you have high Skill stat the Blade of Mercy is great fun in transformed mode (i.e. dual wield). Ludwigs Holy Blade has lots of damage and stun, again in transformed mode (2-hand), and scales off both Strength and Skill. The Bowblade is an awesome late game weapon, but you won’t be able to get it until the DLC area.

        • Daymare says:

          Oh, thanks for the tips! Wanted to go Skill (17) but went for Strength now (25), because the Cleaver’s (+6) doing me good. I can’t get Mercy Blades, because I somehow missed Eileen every opportunity I had to meet her. Shit.

          Then tried Ludwig’s Holy Blade (+5), gotta get used to the movement set. I’m attempting Rom now (finished Amygdala) and I think the speed and damage of Saw Cleaver are serving me better here (also can’t upgrade Ludwig’s to +6 right now) than Ludwig’s. Though Tonitrus feels quite good vs Rom as well.

          I like Ludwig’s general range and Strike though, so might take it out for a spin when exploring again!

  43. parsley says:

    Pip’s amazing review of the Plant Sims had me giggling in the middle of the library, so now I’ve been roped back into Sims 4. I can’t wait to see which of my Sims burns down the kitchen first.

  44. King in Winter says:

    Stellaris + Utopia. Every day, all weekend. Xenophile egalitarians because I haven’t played that combo in a while and still lack all the relevant achievements.

  45. corroonb says:

    Zelda for me too.

    Prey 2 demo. Not impressed so far. The mimics are actually more annoying than the headcrabs in Half-Life.

    I might give Pillars of Eternity another go. I started it before but lost interest pretty quickly. I recently got the White March because I love buying stuff for my Steam backlog.

  46. Viral Frog says:

    Stellaris. I just inadvertently had my empire wiped out. I accidentally sent an insult to the wrong empire. The portrait and names were similar at a glance. Woops!

    This particular opposing empire was already terribly displeased with me. (let’s just say it was my strategic placement of a frontier outpost) The empire with the strongest military in the game.

    First time through a Stellaris campaign. Learned a lot about what to do differently next time. I’m going to create a new species. i think I’ll try a pacifist approach this time around.

  47. caff says:

    Just finished Inside (excellent) which I got with Little Nightmares (just started, struggling with controls and checkpoints) from GoG.com.

    Also picked up “What Remains of Edith Finch” as it looks great, installing it now.

    And re-installing Witcher 3 too. I must get beyond the first 5 hours this time, I feel like I’m missing something big.

  48. Seyda Neen says:

    Mass Effect 3! Finished the second one and quite liked it. Modding in controller support was really easy on 2 but I’m having trouble getting it to work for 3. Way more complicated and I ended up having to reinstall. So far mouse and keyboard is a real drag.

  49. Biggus_Dikkus says:

    gonna play with alcoholic beverages for i will be 40 years of age

    • caff says:

      Happy birthday! May all your PC gaming needs be fulfilled til your eventual death.

      I take it you have been enjoying yourself as you posted this twice.

  50. Biggus_Dikkus says:

    gonna play with alcoholic beverages for i will be 40 years old