Hack the planet! Hacknet launches mod tools

Fab computer hacking game Hacknet [official site] has launched its mod tools, letting players create their own missions, campaigns, music and more. Or if you don’t fancy making things yourself, hey, you’ll still get to play the ‘extensions’ other people make. I’ll be sorely disappointed if someone isn’t already making a campaign recreating the great movie of our cybertime, Hackers. I’ll make it myself if I have to. I’ll get some friends in to help me type. The Gibson must fall.

If you’re not already hacking the planet yourself, hey, Hacknet is on sale right now too.

“Hacknet Extensions enables players to create their own Hacknet campaigns, system networks, nodes, themes, music and story missions, and share them with other players through Steam Workshop,” developers Team Fractal Alligator explain.

Several new campaigns are already up on Hacknet’s Steam Workshop. A small mod-making contest is going on too.

Hacknet was already one of the best hacking games, according to resident leet dood Br3ndy, so mod support on top sounds splendid.

If you fancy jacking in yourself, a 66% discount makes Hacknet £2.39/3,39€/$3.39 on sale on Steam until Friday. Or it’s £6.62 to buy Hacknet together with Labyrinths, its recent expansion. Go on, you kn


  1. TillEulenspiegel says:

    I know a bunch of internet game people suddenly decided to like Hackers a couple years ago, but the movie is bad, folks. It’s not even worth watching it ironically. Angelina Jolie is the only good part.

    • Smoof says:

      For many, it’s probably because we saw it as young people. I saw Hackers when it came out and was about 11 or 12; I now recognize it as a bad movie, but it’s still fun to watch for nostalgia and to point out its inherent silliness and campiness.

    • Solidstate89 says:

      Hackers is a movie that’s just bad enough to watch ironically, so you’re wrong.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      The soundtrack is pretty awesome though (and Jonny Lee Miller was cute).

    • Ross Angus says:

      I watched it for the first time last week, partially so I can get more of Alice’s references. It is terrible but what most struck me is the nonsence they made Johnny Lee Miller wear. Plus Angelina cosplaying as Lee Bowery in the final scene.