Learn the secrets of monsters to hunt ’em in Walkerman

Before you slay a monster, you must come to know the monster. Where does it hang out? Which bands is it into? How socially conscious is it? Does it have any allergies? Do your research and maybe you’ll lure it to a fake Kasabian charity bake-off where the secret ingredient is deadly, deadly peanuts. That’s how a Witcher would do it, and it’s about the same for a Walkerman. A visual novel starring a young monster hunter who must study his prey carefully so he’s prepared to battle them, Walkerman [official site] launched its first act this week. Have a look in this trailer:

Here’s how developers Scalemail explain it:

“Each creature obeys a unique set of rules which must be exploited in order to defeat them, in a fashion similar to the old folk tales about vampires and garlic, or werewolves and silver bullets. Each act of Walkerman centers on a creature and the process of investigating it. Players will study the monster in order to ascertain its weaknesses, gather the necessary items, and then confront it in battle. Combat takes place on an isometric, pseudo-board game in which the player selects actions from a list of options. These battle sequences have multiple solutions, depending on the player’s collected items and their knowledge of the monster. Players also steer the protagonist through his personal life in a similar fashion: deciding whom to trust, where to borrow money, etc which alters how the story progresses.”

I dig the sound of that.

I played an old demo of Walkerman in 2015 and dug the idea of studying prey, though I can’t remember much else. That was before The Witcher 3 came out with its monstrous investigations and, after that, I am still interested to see another game’s take. I dug the idea of investigations in The Witcher 3 but too often they came down to following glowing footprints. Walkerman’s monster studies sound a lot more involved and with more possible avenues and outcomes.

Walkerman is on Steam for £4.49/6,29€/$6.29, which includes a 10% launch discount. It’s also available DRM-free on Itch. A demo is out, which I believe is an updated(ish) version of the prologue I played.


  1. RedViv says:

    But it’s not going to really be a Witcherfest until we can-
    eyes wander to Steam tags
    -nevermind then!

    • Kamestos says:

      My thoughts exactly. Brace yourself for the uncensored version.

  2. Stugle says:

    Seems like a missed opportunity to showcase John’s WAWAPTW standby picture, but maybe not everyone is as easily amused by it as I am. :)

    The game sounds interesting, I like the research-y nature of it.

  3. Abacus says:

    The Walker 3: The Mild Jaunt

  4. April March says:

    That just makes me want a procuedural version of the game, in which the monsters’ weaknesses are randomized and you can jump in to kill them as soon as you think you’re able with a big chance to miscalculate and be eaten.

    But OK, I guess I’ll take shooting crossbows at monsters and picking one out of a line of Acceptable Girl Types to fuck. I’ll have Busty Academic, please.

    • HypercaneSanvu says:

      April March, this isn’t exactly what you want, but I do have an RPG that is based around this exact idea. It’s free to look at and play:
      link to rothda.neocities.org

      Sadly the RPG has no waifus. :(

  5. Biggus_Dikkus says:

    Walkerman the monster slayer with the walkman. released by Sony.

  6. ukpanik says:

    Anyone else think Tir Na Nog on seeing that top image?

  7. poliovaccine says:

    Damn damn damn. Why does this awesome concept I love from the outset need to be wrapped in an aesthetic I almost always bounce right off, and hard? There are exceptions, but for the most part I dont gel with the “anime” style. Here’s hoping there’s enough appeal in the mechanics for me to access and enjoy the cool-as-fuck idea in the center of this game.

  8. Premium User Badge

    Waltorious says:

    I was not expecting all those bosoms.