The Foxer

A little-known fact. Defoxers with three or more kill rings on their gun barrel have the right to send collage roughs to Roman. If my Chief Foxer Setter likes what he sees he’ll reach for his electroscissors and cyberglue and craft a picture puzzle like the one below.


Today’s puzzle is based on a design submitted by veteran vulpinologist, Gothnak.

*       *       *


Last week’s theme: weddings (defoxed by AFKAMC)

a. shotgun wedding (Lazzars)
b. orange blossom (Rorschach617)
c. wedding band (unsolved)
d. white wedding (Lazzars)
e. captain (Lazzars)
f. wedding march (chuckieegg)
g. usher (unsolved)
h. chimney sweep (Little_Crow)
i. bell (Stugle, mrpier)
j. getting hitched/tying the knot (Lazzars)
k. jumping the broom (Stugle)
l. anvil (Zogg)


  1. Arioch_RN says:

    Ambush! boardgame in the top left, I think

  2. Little_Crow says:

    Action figure of Earthquake from the World Wrestling Federation dead centre

    He was a member of the natural disasters

  3. Artiforg says:

    The torn-up photo looks like George Peppard.

  4. Lazzars says:

    That’s a Do 17 at the top in the middle.

    • AFKAMC says:

      Which makes me think pencil as the clue (“flying pencil”).

  5. Stugle says:

    The photo in the background is of the Aarhus mosquito raid.

    link to

  6. AFKAMC says:

    I think the aircraft in plan view might be the underside of an SAI-Ambrosini SS.4

    • AFKAMC says:

      Ths SS.4 had a canard configuration – “canard” is French for duck, if that helps.

  7. Little_Crow says:

    Heraldry behind the plane is the Duchy of Milan

  8. Gothnak says:

    Tis very surreal watching people defox your own (At least a good chunk of it) foxer. It’s also unsettling trying to work out how a couple of changes link in at all :).

    • Stugle says:

      While I don’t know who contributed what, I can say that it’s a very enjoyable Foxer that fits together really neatly.

      As always, I’m impressed with the breadth and depth of knowledge the assembled Foxerites bring to bear, from South African monuments to obscure Italian planes to WWF stars. :)

      • Gothnak says:

        I came up with the theme and a set of clues and then Roman went through and made it look pretty and swapped a few of my pictures out for ones that he thought would work better…

        The question is, who’s the chap with the beard, what’s the picture of the boat about, and why the coat of arms of Milan?

        As an aside, the area around the location of the Battle (the hills above Lake Trasimeno) has some of the most amazing (and not that expensive) private villas with pools and views to rent, so this is actually my favourite holiday destination in the world. Will be going back for the third time in 6 years this summer.

  9. Lazzars says:

    The statue on the right is of Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn, or at least his horse’s head.

  10. Little_Crow says:

    Bottom left is the monument to the battle of blood river in South Africa

    THe granite Jawbone Wagon is seen as the home of the voortrekkers, apparently

  11. AFKAMC says:

    I am randomly typing words into Google, as I am wont to do at this stage of a Foxer, and a search on “bruce duck” yields the following:

    link to

    Nice. £7 for a rubber duck seems a bit steep, though.

  12. Little_Crow says:

    This is looking like the battle of Lake Trasimene – with links to blood river and earthquakes, not sure of the rest yet

    link to

    George Peppard – Hannibal
    Largest ambush! in Military History

    • Syt says:

      You may be onto something there – Operation Carthage, George Peppard aka Hannibal Smith on A-Team …

    • phlebas says:

      Bannockburn was also June the 24th.

    • AFKAMC says:

      According to Livy, so terrible was the massacre that neither army noticed an earthquake which occurred during the battle.

    • AFKAMC says:

      The manufacturer of the SS.4 was based in Passignano sul Trasimeno, which I guess is the same area?

    • AFKAMC says:

      Struggling to find a link with the Do17, as I guess pencils hadn’t been invented at that time? The founder of the Dornier company was one Claude (Claudius) Dornier, but I can’t find a Roman chap called Claudius associated with the battle…

      • Little_Crow says:

        I’ve found some pencil sketches of the lake, but that’s as close as I’ve got.

        No evidence of pencil factories or crashed Do 17’s that I can find

      • The Bitcher III says:

        I don’t have my copy of I, Claudius to hand but he was something of a historian, and wrote extensively on Carthaginian history.

        link to

      • The Bitcher III says:

        Ah, wait… Appius Claudius was the Roman Consul who first declared war on the Carthaginians, leading to the (First Punic War)

      • Little_Crow says:

        I suspect then it’s the more powerful Do 217.
        Battle was 217 BC

        • JohnnyG says:

          It’s a DO217K variant if that helps, no the earlier DO17.

        • Little_Crow says:

          Works perfectly, was struggling to find a variant with that nose to back up my sweeping statement

    • Stugle says:

      I wonder if that’s Lake Trasimene in the background.

  13. Rorschach617 says:

    Sorry, I missed this foxer.

    Nice work by all, specially Gothnak for thinking of it in the first place :)

    I’ve been wanting to bring up these videos for a while and since the Battle of Lake Trasimene features in their first mini-series, it seems a good time to do it.

    Maybe some of you already know about Extra History, but for the rest, its an interesting series that looks at episodes and can provide a decent background.

    I have no financial interest or input in this channel. I just enjoy it and thought you might to. The link leads to a playlist of all their history videos, starting with the Punic Wars. Trasimene is in episode 3 btw.

  14. Stugle says:

    All I can say about the flag of the Duchy of Milan is that it features Imperial Eagles (like the legions) and that the other thing is a snake eating a Saracen. I guess Saracens could be considered the descendants of of Carthaginians.