Zone of the Enders 2’s mech action coming to PC

A revamped re-release of 2003 mech shooter sequel Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner is coming to PC next year, Konami announced today. Bearing the unwieldy name Anubis Zone of the Enders: Mars [official site], it’ll come remastered with improved prettiness and optional support for VR cybergoggles. Zone of the Enders is a curious series, a pair of short space operas produced by Metal Gear maestro Hideo Kojima and packed with mechs and robots warring across Jupiter’s moons and colonies, and I’m glad it’s finally coming our way. Here, have a peek at the new version in this announcement trailer:

I’ve not seen Zone of the Enders in yonks so my memory might fail me, but I remember it was pretty fun? Not amazing but some fun slash-o-shooty mech action and a pulpy story that rolled along merrily? Do pipe up if you remember otherwise.

This latest revamp is different to that in 2012’s console-only Zone of the Enders: HD Collection. It boasts higher-resolution textures along with HDR support, audio remastered for modern 3D sound, and VR support with an in-cockpit view for goggleheads.

While the first game hasn’t come to PC, don’t worry too much about that. ZoE 2 picks the story up with a new protagonist and the first game was already flooded with confusing sci-fi names and terms.

Anubis Zone of the Enders: Mars is coming to PC via Steam in spring 2018. Konami have drafted developers Cygames to work on it. If you want to get technical, Konami name this release ‘ANUBIS ZONE OF THE ENDERS: M∀RS’. I know, right?

Only today, Square Enix announced that they have drafted Yoji Shinkawa, who designed mechs and bits for Zone of the Enders, for their new robo stomper Left Alive.


  1. int says:

    Get your ass to Mars!

    Can you drive Dolores?

  2. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Jesus, that title. Who in Marketing needs to get fired over that?

    (Edit: to clarify: the game’s title. “Anubis Zone of the Enders: Mars” seriously?)

    • wcq says:

      I think that’s actually the Japanese title, though. The western title is “Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner – M∀RS”. “M∀RS” being the “edition title” here.

      • KDR_11k says:

        Isn’t the upside down A more of a Gundam thing?

        • Brotoles says:

          If you watch the end of the trailer, when the name of the game appears, the inverted AR is actually VR, and then gets a slash to turn the V into an inverted A

    • heavyweather says:

      At least Bruno Mars isn’t doing the soundtrack.

  3. haradaya says:

    Jehuty in 1080p

  4. DantronLesotho says:

    Day 1(?) Purchase.

    • heavyweather says:

      Same. I legit lost my mind a little bit at the prospect of playing this on an Oculus. It’s a calculated smart bomb straight to my nostalgia zones, and I can think of little I would like to play in VR more than a Japanese giant mecha shoot’n’stab’em’up. Recalling the hectic dodge and parry movement of the original, I wonder if this will straight up go there or dial back the difficulty and enemy health a little bit. What an unexpected treat this is!

  5. wcq says:

    So this is only the sequel? Kind of weird they’re not bringing the first game as well, considering it was part of the HD collection, but the second one was the better game anyway, so hey, whatevs.

    The game is good, and so is the soundtrack. The story is pretty average all things considered, but the English translation is a special kind of broken that makes it brilliant if viewed with the right mindset. There’s some pretty good LPs out there that milk that for all it’s worth.

    • Jalan says:

      I don’t want to take away from the sequel, but for myself, it just didn’t live up to the enjoyment I had from the first. I’ve read conflicting discussion about this release containing both games and am hoping that it turns out to be true, otherwise I think I’ll pass on just the sequel I really didn’t care a great deal for.

  6. gabrielonuris says:

    Talking about mech games, does anyone know the name of an arcade mech game from the late 90’s? I can’t remember the title, but it has 2 joysticks to control your mech while fighting another player in an arena. It was my first contact with a game like this, and I’ll always remember it fondly, but I can’t recall its name. And I hate when that happens.

  7. gwop_the_derailer says:

    Those legs on those mechas… mmm…

  8. nattydee says:

    Hoo, this isn’t PC-related really but Zone of the Enders: The First of Mars was a *fantastic* GBA isometric strategy/rpg game with a good story and really affecting music. Fun gameplay too with some realtime elements.

    I mainly chime in because while I know the full-3d versions of ZotE are the ones people usually think of, but I was astounded as a kid by how good of a job they did in a totally different genre.

  9. ginger_ale says:

    Very excited for this, ZOE2 is one of my favorite games and I never got to play the HD rerelease. Interested to see what the price point is though…