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Square Enix announce mech game Left Alive

But what is it?

You can learn a lot about someone from their response to a Christmas disaster. When tragedy struck snowy New York in Tom Clancy's The Division, Ubisoft activated sleeper agents to shoot bad men. A trite and telling reaction. When Mr. Bean got his head stuck in the Christmas turkey, he wrapped a towel round it so his girlfriend wouldn't find out. That's classic Bean. When a city goes to heck in Left Alive [official site], Square Enix send in mechs. Heck yes! Announced today, Left Alive is mysterious a "survival action shooter" coming in 2018. Observe:

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Divine what you can from that wee teaser. Mostly that it has mechs and buildings and mechs and also mechs (possibly robots? but surely mechs).

All Square Enix have to say about the game is that it's a "survival action shooter" set in a "dark and gritty world."

The development team has some strong names, though. Toshifumi Nabeshima, a long-time producer of the Armored Core mech series, is joined by folks including Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders character designer Yoji Shinkawa, and Ghost in the Shell: Arise mech designer Takayuki Yanase. I am hopeful for some cracking mechs and technobits. As for what we'll actually do with 'em, er, let's say shoot baddies.

Left Alive is coming to Steam in 2018.

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