Sony Music launch indie game publishing label Unties

Because conglomerates are mystifying, Sony Music Entertainment has launched its own video game publishing label focused mainly on Japanese indies. No, it’s nothing to do with Sony Computer Entertainment and certainly not Sony Online Entertainment, this is Sony Music getting into games. The label is named Unties and yup, many of its games are coming to PC. The first of these is Tiny Metal [official site], an arcadey turn-based strategy game due in November. Also coming up are a 3D fighting game which seems to turn tweets into weapons and a big ol’ mecha rumble.

Sony Music Entertainment say Unties wants “to penetrate the ever-expanding video game market with indie games, which are continuing to draw attention even within Japan.” I’m glad to see another publisher focusing on small-ish Japanese indie games (not all Unties games are Japanese, but most are). Publishers including Playism, Carpe Fulgur, Nyu Media, and Rockin’ Android have introduced us to some, but there’s a huge culture we barely see over here.

I wonder which sort of games Unties will focus on. Of their four announced games, two are odd action games, so maybe that? I’m up for that.

First, Tiny Metal. Made by Area35 and coming on November 21st, it’s a turn-based strategy game which reminds me of the Advance Wars series:

Beyond that, without any release date yet, is Last Standard [official site]. It’s a 3D action game which profiles players from questions or social networks and uses that to generate your weapon. I’m sure it’s not in-depth or particularly reflective of tweets but it’s a cute idea. Weapons, attacks, and combos can be customised too. Going by its old Greenlight page, Last Standard has singleplayer plus online competitive and coopeartive multiplayer. I do not know why the trailer is just two men in trenchcoats fighting in an alley:

The other Unties game coming to PC is Merkava Avalanche [official site], a mecha action game made by WinterCrownWorks. It’s about ornate wheeled mecha fighting across a desert, apparently. “Mechs can move at high speed, dodge, or use wires to dart into close range and open fire or toss grenades,” Unties say. Sure! Love me some wires.

Unties are also dabbling in VR with a new version of rhythm game Deemo but that’s only for PlayStation VR.

I’m still surprised Sony Music are getting into this but hey, I’m interested to see what they do.


  1. Da5e says:

    Sony Music International was run by an ex-Einst├╝rzende Neubauten member for a while, so this is the second oddest fact about them, I guess.

  2. Solidstate89 says:

    Sony has done this with some anime series literally just to get their bands to do the title and opening tracks and such. It’s a way to increase the exposure of their label. I have to imagine they’re doing a similar thing here.

  3. dystome says:

    Really looking forward to Tiny Metal. Looks like a good ‘on the bus’ game though, so I reckon I’ll get it on the Switch.

    • syndrome says:

      Tiny Metal … an arcadey turn-based strategy
      an obvious Advance Wars clone
      which is nice

  4. BooleanBob says:

    Only Unties kids will remember this.

  5. Rob Lang says:

    I read “Unties” as “Undies” as in “underwear”. I can’t unsee it. It’s a pants name.

  6. April March says:

    So how do you pronounce Unties? Like Undies, but with a T? Or like if it was the opposite of ‘dies’?

  7. ephemeris says:

    First off I apologise for being “That Guy”.

    But Words, they mean things.

    “Indie” is short for “independently published”, not “a small team of developers”.

    If sony publishes a 250 man sony developed item then that is indie, if HumbleBundle publishes “big bobs block game” then that is not indie, unless you can get the game from big bob himself.

    Specificly, it is imposable to open an indie publishing house, the phrase is a contradiction in terms. equivalent to “this sentence is false”.

    Ok rant over, back to the daily grind, and yeah I know language, it changes. It still bothers me… a little.

  8. CJtheTiger says:

    So this is going to be a chibi Battle Isle? I can dig that.