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Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble is adorbs and out now

Advance Awws

If I were to tell you that Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble is out today, you’d be within your rights to call me a liar and email my mum to tell on me. It was released yesterday. The Advanced Wars-style sequel is here already if you’re looking for some turn-based tweeness with toy-like tanks and huggable helis. The trailer has breached my defenses and landed behind enemy lines (below).

I need to warn you before I embed the trailer: I have done some recon, through binoculars with eyelashes attached, and have discovered that the voiceover is an enemy unit from another game. It does not jive with the overall style, though that just makes it funny. It's here for your ears.

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Full Metal Rumble is the sequel to the original Tiny Metal, which rumbled onto PC a couple of years ago. It looks like more of what the first game offered: cute little avatars spouting serious dialogue while making life and death tactical decisions. If you're thinking that the soldiers all wear over-sized helmets that cover their eyelines, you'd be right. The maps look like that iconic children's rug, and the fog of war is made of cubes. This is turn-based sweetness. Even the world map is a lovely little thing, enabling you to float around the larger world in a cute choppa looking for unlocks before diving into the fights. But all that hides a game of tight little turn-based lockups and balancey battles.

Given that Advance Wars doesn't exist anymore, and never existed on the PC, Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble and its predecessor has arguably grabbed some uncontested ground. If Wargroove's fantasy setting didn't do it for you, Full Metal Rumble is on on Steam right now for £10.70/€11.89/$12.74.

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