Staxel brings more farm-o-craft antics to early access

It’s typical, eh: you wait ages for a Stardew-o-Harvest-a-Crossing crafty farming daily life sim, then two come along to early access at once. My Time At Portia today delivers a cheery vision of the post-apocalypse, while Staxel here has more of a fairytale vibe and Minecraft-y style, not to mention online multiplayer. Yes, it is weird that neither crafty farmy miner has flinched in this game of chicken. But hey, they’re here now. Let’s peek at Staxel.

Staxel is going for a first-person Minecraft-ish voxely vibe as we- lawks, look at that, it’s is also about arriving in a village to restore a run-down farm to its former etc. Hey, I have seen entire genres built upon far worse stories. As is the way, we’ll get to grow crops, raise animals, expand the farm, befriend villagers, and so on. And as you might guess from the Minecraft-y look, it also lets players reshape the world block-by-block.

A little touch I like the look of: crafting tables include actual tools such as a saw that drags wood through while planking it.

Early access is planned to continue “well into late 2018”, or perhaps longer depending on what players want. The official word is that the makers “plan to increase the number and scale of quests, add more interaction with NPCs, and give more focus to animals and husbandry.” Is that animal husbandry or- ah, maybe I don’t want to know.

Staxel costs £15/€20/$20 on Steam and the Humble Store (who give a Steam key anyway). It’s made by Plukit and published by Humble Bundle on their own label.


  1. Someoldguy says:

    Husbandry is the care, cultivation and breeding of crops and animals. No weddings required. Hopefully that’s just a clever way of saying more farming stuff to do on your farm and more useful reasons to do it.

  2. dethtoll says:

    I can’t be the only one who thinks the house in that screenshot resembles one of the plots you can own in Stardew Valley.

  3. Seafoam says:

    Sad things those voxels.
    They’re so useful and possibly good looking but I cannot stomach them anymore.
    The game looks nice but I cannot look at it without thinking of minecraft rip-offs.
    I’m sure it’s the same for many.

    Pixel graphics is the same sort of thing.
    It’s a legit and beautiful artform but even the best works get discredited because of the style alone, with no regard to the true quality of the art behind it.

    • Razakel says:

      You are absolutely not alone. I have no problem with simple art styles – but using blocks for absolutely everything just seems wrong to me. In fact I find it just ugly..

  4. racccoon says:

    Minecraft is the rock!
    Its always on my desktop, I can farm, build & invite people. It’s such a shame some games devs can’t think an original game idea, just use those concepts & something else can be born, instead of cloning minecraft.

  5. TheAngriestHobo says:

    Staxel is going for a first-person Minecraft-ish voxely vibe as we- lawks, look at that, it’s is also about arriving in a village to restore a run-down farm to its former etc.

    Look, I realize that you live in Scotland and all, but at a certain point, you’re just making up words.

    I mean, what even is “etc”? There’s not even a frickin’ vowel in it!

  6. TotallyUseless says:

    Surprised to see both Staxel and Portia at the same day on Steam. I hope they both be successful. Other than Stardew, there’s really no good Harvest Moon-esque game on Steam, heck even Farming Simulator itself sucks!

    • Rince says:

      World’s Dawn is pretty charming and really cozy. If you want to focus more on the social aspect and less in the farming.

  7. Rince says:

    It’s a shame that the devs doesn’t want to include the romantic part. That’s one of the things that I love to do in the Harvets-Moon type games.