Final Fantasy XV getting demo next week, also adding Gordon Freeman cosplay

A proper playable demo of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is coming next week, containing the RPG’s first chapter, following the recent benchmark tool. A demo! In this day and age! Bless their hearts. Square Enix have talked a lot about wanting to do the PC version right, mods and all, and they do seem to be going for it. They’re even teaming up with iconic PC chap Gordon Freeman, adding the Half-Life hero’s HEV suit, glasses, and crowbar to FFXV’s Steam version. Well, he’s not using them, is he?

First, the demo. It’ll arrive on Monday, February 26th, and offer the game’s complete first chapter. I believe that’s before Noctis and the lads get to just pootle around carefree and hang out on their road trip, eating glistening meals, but hey it is a full chunk of the game.

Onto Gordo. Squeenix have nicked Freeman’s togs and added them to FFXV (not for the demo, mind). His orange HEV suit, crowbar, and glasses will be offered to everyone who buys the game by May 1st, so not only for pre-orderers. Noctis can wear them in the campaign, and your multiplayer characters can use ’em too. Look at this fella:

The Freemanarama is only for the Steam release of FFXV, mind. You could alternatively buy the game through Microsoft’s Store or EA’s Origin but don’t? Though Microsoft’s release is compatible with Xbox One saves, if you want to carry yours over, and can play multiplayer against Xboners.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is due out on March 6th, priced at £35/€50/$50.

We have an interview with FFXV director Hajime Tabata coming up tonight, followed by a preview of the game tomorrow. For now, let’s see Tabata in a new video update, wearing a headcrab hat as he talks about the demo, Gordo’s garb, and the game’s hard drive space requirements (that’s 100GB for standard, 155GB for the fancy 4K version):


  1. Ejia says:

    Well, maybe there’s hope for Half-Life II-III: Gordon Returns after all.

  2. Halk says:

    Another case of “Something new about Half-Life? Must be by a third party”.

  3. geldonyetich says:

    Great news! Looking forward to giving the demo a spin next week. It should give us a better measure of the idea of how the game looks on PC, as the Benchmark doesn’t quite reflect how the game is supposed to look.

    It will also give the developers a week to put out important fixes before release. However, it would seem to me that they feel pretty confident if they are willing to put out a demo a week early.

    A choice between a 100GB or 155GB install! Well, it is surely a *big* game, but judging by what I have seen of the PS4 footage, it will be well worth the size. I’ve had a secondary non-SSD storage drive to install since Christmas, this might be what gets me to do it.

    As for dressing up Noct like Gordan… well, I have to admit that it’s funny to think what Noct would be capable of with the Half-Life environmental suit. Chances are it won’t be as powerful in the game as that.

    (So far, my attempts have failed to make a meme out of the idea that Gordan Freeman has retired from gaming and now writes under the pseudonym Jeffery Deaver.)

    Overall, I’m quite impressed with the commitment SquareEnix is showing towards the PC release.

  4. DanMan says:

    Meh, since the HDR output is Win10 exclusive, I don’t really care for this. But I might just take a gander to make sure it sucks.

    Yes, I’m a cheerful fella.

  5. poliovaccine says:

    Wow, a demo! They must be especially concerned about piracy with this one…

    • nottorp says:

      I thought they (where they is the game industry at large) gave up on demos because they were proven to reduce sales, not increase them… and it was unrelated to piracy anyway.

  6. int says:

    Gorudon Furiman!

  7. Vodka, Crisps, Plutonium says:

    It’s Clippy and Rover the Dog! Why do they always keep mixing them up?!