Secret World Legends is off to South Africa next

Secret World Legends is off to South Africa in its next big update, the first new land added to the supernatural MMORPG in yeeaars. While Funcom’s recent free-to-play revamp-o-relaunch of The Secret World initially focused on rolling out old areas, now they’re ready for new adventures with new mythologies. Old mythologies? New old mythologies. I still haven’t gotten around to revisiting this pleasant spookworld after its relaunch, though our John quite enjoyed it still, so maybe I’ll poke my head in for new ghost stories. Apparently we get to join a cult, which I’m certainly up for. Have a peek:

Funcom explain what we’ll be up to in South Africa:

“Here players must infiltrate the compound belonging to the Morninglight, a cult that prides itself as being ‘the fastest growing spiritual movement in history’. As they rise up within their ranks, players will experience a brand new, fully voice-acted storyline where they must battle creatures inspired by ancient South African folklore and uncover the sinister truths of the Morninglight cult.”

Ah c’mon, I’m sure they’re just larking about. They get to play dress-up and single special songs. It’s a great time. Cults are simply folk choirs with a flair for the dramatic.

The ‘Dawn of the Morninglight’ update is due to launch on April 4th. Secret World Legends is free-to-play from Funcom and through Steam.


  1. KidWithKnife says:

    Hmm. I suppose I might check this out. I gave SWL a shot and felt pretty let down, but a third chance might be in order. I mean, actual new content. Really new, not reskinned old content. I’m not going to get my hopes up, though.

    • aircool says:

      I gave it a try before it went F2P. However, just the thought of setting up another huge list of keybinds made me quit before I’d even started. Why does there have to be soooo many buttons to press in these games?

      • Dominic Tarason says:

        Funnily enough, control rebinding should be less of an issue. They reworked the default combat control scheme to be a bit more like modern Guild Wars 2 or Smite, where you move around with WSAD/mouse shooter style, left mouse button is your primary attack, right is your secondary, 1-5 are your skills.

        • dr.denton says:

          Sadly, that doesn’t fix the most serious problem in SWL, at least how I see it: the combat and movement still feel awful.
          It’s like playing an Unreal mod from 1999.

          Imho, Funcom should have put much, much more time and money into core game mechanics, animation and character design as these are the things that determine your experience most.

          • malkav11 says:

            IMO they’re much worse than they used to be. The old system involved some actual decision-making in combat and particularly out in order to be effective. I’ve yet to encounter any reason not to spam about 3 abilities that I unlocked five minutes into the game in Legends.

  2. malkav11 says:

    It will be interesting to see if their content team is still up to the job. I imagine that there’s been meaningful turnover in the years since launch, to say nothing of original creator Ragnar Tornquist having left quite early after launch.

  3. gtb says:

    I was momentarily excited about this but then I remembered I hate the new combat mechanics and was immediately sad, because TSW was probably my favorite mmo.

  4. Cassedy says:

    Played for quite a while after the relaunch and reached over 1k IP in the grinding process involved. The endgame is pretty much non existent and there is a overall lack of content.

    Funcom has still not implemented more than 5 Dungeons and those in the game aren’t very balanced. Same goes for scenarios of wich only 3 exist in an unbalanced and buggy state. PvP is not even existent in the game (shamballa queue never pops).

    With this measly bit of content (even less than the original TSW contained) the publisher wants players to grind the same 3 Scenarios and 5 Dungeons literaly thousands of times. This approach lowered the playerbase to numbers like at the end of tsw:

    link to

    I’d say the relaunch was a complete fail, when it comes to binding players to the game. Not a single new dungeon, not a single new Scenario and a very long list of gamebreaking bugs, that still remain unfixed, leave the game in a poor state since the relaunch.

    The last content (agent system) brought back some players but with poor implementation, crashes and a p2w lootboxsystem with the alternative of grind of the same content, that was grinded by players for the last months, it didnt last long.

    With a population that low, queuetimes for dungeons can get to more than a hour easily, often only to get into a dungeon you can not finish, since it’s so poorly balanced. And I haven’t even adressed the bad community management.

    Season 2 isn’t gonna save this game imho. Too many mistakes have been made and this update will probably contain around 10-15 new quests. Maybe some players will care to reinstall and take 2 days to finish before retireing again.

    • malkav11 says:

      There are 8 dungeons? And the raid. And lairs. All the endgame content that was in TSW is in SWL. I mean, I absolutely don’t blame anyone for not wanting to grind that stuff infinitely, because I wouldn’t want to either. But why bother? The point of TSW was always the questing, and the dungeons were climactic points, not really something worth playing for indefinitely.

      • Einsammler says:

        The first and the third Hell dungeons are available for level-cap play, but not the second. All of Transylvania’s dungeons have no level cap mode. Tokyo’s dungeons, which contain story content, are completely missing.

        AEGIS is, of course, reduced to a gimmick in two missions instead of being a months-long end game grind.

      • Cassedy says:

        “There are 8 dungeons?”

        Not for the endgame grind. There are only 5 elite dungeons and FC never bothered to implement the other 3. Also the 2 Tokyo Dungeons aren’t in the game at all.

        “All the endgame content that was in TSW is in SWL”

        No. Some Battlefields (aka PvP) are missing, the above described 2 Dungs, events (like Valentine, which was turned into a very, very romantic sale instead) aren’t there, Flappy Raid is missing, they took out some weapons and Aegis. Theres probably more but I don’t have the motivation to make a complete list.