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Tackle a huge beast under Times Square in latest Secret World Legends raid

Big bad apple

Funcom have been slowly building up Secret World Legends [official site] – the revamped version of their conspiracy-laden 2012 MMO The Secret World – by taking bits of the old game, polishing them up and plonking them down in the free-to-play title, which launched in June. Now it's the turn of the Manhattan Exclusion Zone, a 10-person raid that happens directly under Times Square.

Any level 50 character can plunge under New York's tarmac in search of the 100-foot long Unutterable Lurker, the raid's big bad. There's multiple difficulty levels and lots of rewards for success, including new weapons.

Here's a trailer:

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The update also adds a new mechanic by which up to 40 players can summon extra powerful bosses throughout the world and defeat them for individual rewards. To summon the 'Megabosses', you'll have to defeat regional lair bosses to get the right summoning items. More detail on the exact mechanism can be found here.

I haven't tried either the original or the revamped version, but John's impressions from back in July certainly make it seem like an MMO worth playing. The main concern he had was the micro-transactions: the game begs for your money at every opportunity, even reserving fast travel for those who have opened their wallets. But the characters and writing were a hit.

"It’s still packed with exactly the same lovely characters, story missions, and real-world puzzles, and now you can play all of those for free. If that’s what you’re after, then absolutely you should be diving head-first into this. A big, free story-led action game with some strong writing, now much more accessible."

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