Flex your noodle with Eador: MoTBW & Satellite Reign free

Eador & Satellite Reign

Free stuff is always cool, and when that free stuff just happens to be two polished and relatively well-received strategy games, all the better. For the next 48 hours or so, you can snag Syndicate revival Satellite Reign via the Humble Store and the Heroes of Might & Magic-ish Eador: Masters of the Broken World via its Steam page here completely free to keep forever, no strings attached.

Truly, the games industry is the most insidious of things. The first glimmer of summer sunlight pokes in through the British clouds and they start throwing free strategy games to keep us indoors – opiates of the masses indeed. They’re a nice-looking pair of games too, and both arguably underrated, considering the amount of patching and tuning they got post-release. Adam went and reviewed both back in the day, and you see his thoughts on Satellite Reign and Eador here, respectively. Many of the quirks of both games have been smoothed over since the time of writing.

Satellite Reign is the most immediately striking of the two. Developed by a team of ex-Bullfrog/Lionhead folks, it’s a pretty clear attempt to reboot Syndicate for the modern day. It never sold that amazingly at the time, but I chalk that more up to Syndicate actually being a pretty odd series when you get down to it; it just stood out during the early PC/Amiga era it debuted in.

Controlling a squad of cyborg agents, you wander a large open cyberpunk city, completing a mixture of freeform and scripted missions against rival corporations. Combat is a lot less twitchy than it was in the original games, favouring the use of cover and flanking enemies, but you can either slow down or pause time entirely to get a better handle on the more fiddly real-time tactics.

Eador: Masters of the Broken World is clearly inspired by the long-running Heroes of Might & Magic series. A turn-based strategy game, you march hero characters around an overworld map, securing towns, resource points, training facilities and recruiting all manner of weird and wonderful fantasy creatures to your side. When you bump into a hostile force, it zooms in to a single-screen tactical battlefield full of obstacles for the two armies to duke it out on.

There are some fun RPG elements mixed in with the stratelogical stuff, including random events that can present themselves as moral quandaries, and the game keeps things fresh by having you hop between fractured, floating mini-worlds, each with their own creatures, quests and battles to be fought. The last game in the Eador series, Imperium, is also half off on Steam accompanying this giveaway if you want more of this sort of thing.

Both games support online multiplayer – co-op in the case of Satellite Reign and competitive in the case of Eador, so point your friends at this giveaway and go start a (highly intellectual and well mannered) fight. Or don’t. It’s free, either way.


  1. mitrovarr says:

    I wonder if Eador ever got patched up. I took a bit of a look on Metacritic and every single review mentions it being buggy, even the positive ones. Most of the negative ones boil down to “unplayable buggy”.

    • djtim says:

      I spent about 160 hours on Eador, completing the (very lengthy) campaign. Apart from a few infrequent CTD’s, never encountered any bugs or issues. It’s still a little bit unbalanced at times, but if you like games similar to HOMM then you may enjoy it, I did.

      • mitrovarr says:

        I’ll have to snag it. It looked like a fun game. Actually, they both do.

      • satan says:

        I had instant crashes on some late campaign mission, so I was never able to finish it. Crashes also prevented me ever finishing custom games on the bigger/biggest map sizes.

        I still find myself recommending it despite the issues, because it has the kind of depth that I always thought would be cool if heroes2&3 had.

  2. dahools says:

    I really need to look into my back catalog.

    [Error] the game you are trying to redeem already exists in your steam account.

    Just felt a little sick inside. . .

  3. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    I already own both of these games. I demand other free games as compensation for this.

  4. scratchimus says:

    Satellite Reign is fantastic. I found it the perfect balance of action and strategy – good pacing both in the moment-by-moment action as well as the longer term progression. What’s best is a lot of the character progression involves unlocking new tactical options (as opposed to simply escalating stats & damage specs)

    • aepervius says:

      I dunno I bounced hard off it as even with my 4 guys, it takes a long time to stealth everything out. And If I try the gun blazing approach I am dead quickly. I think I completed the first sector only once. Then gave up because it was more of the same afterward.

      • jakinbandw says:

        For Stealth you want to have invisibility items. For combat, one of your guys can take an aggro skill. If you park him in cover and tell him to do nothing this will let you just flank with everyone else while all the foes shoot at a guy they can’t hope to hit.

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