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A Short Conundrum About Monitors

To ultrawide or not ultrawide?

Very little of my PC has been upgraded over the last half-decade or more, which is probably something I should be grateful for, given it leaves me free to spend my money on exciting things like tax and electricity bills instead. Intel's stranglehold on performance CPUs means I'd gain no benefit from a new processor, I'm not quite so impatient as to demand that seconds are shaved off loading times with a more modern SSD or M.2 drive, and if there's any everyday scenario in which I'd benefit from having more than 12GB of RAM I'm yet to encounter it. I plopped a GTX 970 in 18 months ago, and that's about it.

I've been planning to replace that with the total overkill that is a GTX 1080 in order to fuel the VR headset that I was lucky enough to get as part of the job, but right now I'm baulking at the price and how minor the boost is likely to be to most of what I play. VR is a long, long way off becoming my gaming norm. So then, because I'm the sort of sick bastard who is constantly trying to justify unnecessary indulgence to himself, I tried to invent scenarios in which all that power could actually be used. And so it is that I now find myself thinking near-constantly about picking up an ultra-wide 34" monitor, having read that they make games look amazing. (I should say at this point that I have been resolutely unable to buy either card or monitor, and am not likely to any time soon, because Jesus Christ that is a lot of money, but that doesn't stop me from constantly thinking about doing it).

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