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Before Your Eyes is a game you play by blinking in real life

Made by the developers of Close Your

Do you ever wonder if your webcam is watching you while you're playing games? Well, there's no need to wonder with Before Your Eyes - it's a first-person adventure that you play by blinking. Arriving on April 8th, this story takes you on a little trip down memory lane as you journey into the afterlife. Each time your webcam catches you blinking, your current memory will fade away, replacing it with a new one.

It's a sort of "life flashing before your eyes" situation, seeing all these memorable moments from your time on Earth as you sail on to whatever's next. You'll be sailing quite literally too, because you're on this journey with the Ferryman, who narrates the game as he guides your soul to the afterlife.

"Each blink will help the players interact with the world or make the memory fade and disappear like a dream," developers GoodbyeWorld Games say in a press release. "Players move organically through the story and experience its emotional peaks and valleys in the most natural way, until they reach the end of their journey and realize the ultimate truth."

I can't help but wonder how easy it would be to cheese this "organic" way of storytelling. Surely you could just blink very quickly to steam through, or perhaps hold your eyes open with toothpicks to stay in the same memory forever. It looks like a very lovely and heartfelt game though, so I don't think I'd want to do that. It seems like a nice thing to experience properly.

This isn't GoodbyeWorld's first foray into eye-tracking games. A few years ago they made Close Your, another first-person life story which jumped forward in time whenever your webcam caught you blinking. I do prefer the idea of looking through memories rather than speeding through life every time you look away. I feel like I've experienced that quite enough over the last year.

If you fancy a trip down memory lane, Before Your Eyes comes out on April 8th. You can wishlist it on Steam right now if you're interested.

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