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Brassheart is an upcoming point and click game where robots may be friend or foe

Can you pet Pascal?

Upcoming point and click adventure game Brassheart is presumably named for its many sentient robots, made from shiny metal tech spun off from 1920s sensibilities. These AI can be pals, like the chirpy Pascal who accompanies our protagonist Pola, or not so friendly, like the out of control invention that kidnapped its own creator, Pola’s father. Whoops. You can listen to Pola explain it herself in the trailer below.

“Don’t worry,” says Pola on the game’s website, “I’m absolutely, almost certain nothing that bad will happen, probably.” This is what we in the industry call a big mood.

I’m intrigued by how the game will address the idea that progress can take a turn for the worse. Obviously, having a malevolent metal being whisking people away isn’t ideal, but the game’s website also points to the “global turmoil” of its 1920s inspired world, and that’s certainly a deep well that could be tapped.

It seems you’ll be puzzling your way through the setting in a few ways. Pola will be tracking down clues left by her father and trying to figure out how to fix what he broke, presumably using the traditional point and click style of collecting and combining gadgets and trinkets. But the game’s description also suggests other little mini-games like “fixing mechanisms.” That should certainly check off the “diesel” part of “dieselpunk.”

Brassheart is scheduled to release later this year, and you can already take a peek at its Steam page.

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