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Demogod: Divine Updates For Demigod Inbound

That there wasn't a demo of a game that proved so hard to describe in a single sentence is one of several perplexing decisions around the launch of Gas-Powered Games/Stardock's action-strategy thingy Demigod. Stardock's Brad Wardell has shoved up another of his irregular state of play updates, and alongside another apology for those awful multiplayer problems in the game's first week, he reveals plans for a demo and two new Demigods. Waroo!

The post largely goes into exactly what exploded in those first weeks, exactly what's been and what will be fixed, and whether he thinks this whole mess ultimately harmed the game. Interesting reading, and this bit really sweetens the deal:

"We’d probably already have a demo out if we hadn’t been messing with this. But yes, there will be a demo. In all likelyhood, it will probably be a multiplayer only demo since we want to reassure people when the demo comes out that connectivity is totally nailed and bullet proof."

Which is a) great news and b) about damn time for folk who've held off from buying the game because they're either not quite sure what it is or have been put off by the network-fail saga. I would guess at there being a pretty darn meaty new promotional effort once the multiplayer's truly, finally fixed, in fact - almost a second launch for the game. Perhaps, too, that'll be when these two new Demigods he mentions as being in development (no details beyond that) will launch.

Oh yeah - Wardell's full post, 'What the hell happened?', is over here.

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