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Eye-Eye: Demigod's Free DLC

Having just moved house into a place with broadband speeds that harken cruelly back to circa 2002 - the cost of living with normal people rather than fellow, bandwidth-hungry tech-nerds for a change - the last thing I'm going to be doing until I've begged, borrowed or stolen more mbps is playing games online. Which means I won't have the chance to take Demigod's newest Demigod for a look around in multiplayer just yet. It's the second freebie semi-deity granted to the once-beleagured game, which is an excellent thing for Stardock (publisher, marketeer, explainer of Demigod) and Gas-Powered Games (its developer, yet peculiarly silent about the game throughout its life and pre-life) to have done. But, as with all things Demigod, new chap Oculus' birth has not been uncomplicated.

He's actually been semi-secretly available since Wednesday, but via a vaguely convulted system that only some people could be bothered with/understood. It was supposed to be dry-run for paid DG DLC in the unspecified future, a test of the Stardock store for such things. Unfortunately, according to Blues News' chat with Stardock's Brad Wardell, a load of people moaned about the system, meaning today's public, free-for-all release of the new character was simply added to everyone's account. You'll get access to him by loading up a multiplayer game.

There's been some toing and froing about what this means for future DG DLC, but let's not worry about bridges we don't need to cross for a while yet. For now, all we should care about is that we get to control a giant dude who sits on a throne and throws lightning at people. There's a decent look at him here, but unembeddable, because Stardock are afraid we're going to steal their souls or something. Fortunately, I found this footage of a couple of AI-controlled Oculii in action:

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When RPS rules the galaxy, we shall travel in such chairs.

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