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If the PC version of Final Fantasy VII Remake fixes one thing, please let it be these god awful doors

Dead as a door nail

After what seems like an absolute aeon, I'm finally in the final stretch of Final Fantasy VII Remake. I've enjoyed most of what I've played so far, if only because my enduringly bad memory of what actually happens in the first part of the game isn't there to whisper things like, 'This wasn't there before...' or 'What the hell have they done with that?' in my ear. As a result, it's actually been quite interesting seeing what Square Enix think a Final Fantasy remake should actually look like now we're 20 years on from its original release, even if a lot of the new things they've added don't technically improve it.

There's probably a lot I'd change if I was in the director's chair, but really, the only thing I truly want, hand on heart, is for someone to please, for the sake of all that is holy and good in this world, use some high-res materia on these doors when the inevitable PC version comes out, because I can't understand why I can see every pore on Cloud's face while his bedroom door has a resolution of 3x10.

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