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FixFox is a cute sci-fi adventure about quirky repairs and cosy meals

Fix machines, eat apple pie

Tell you what's the opposite of cosy: watching the world crumble from your bedroom window. Tell you what is cosy: playing as a fox who repairs quirky machines and eats nice meals cooked by furry friends. That's FixFox for you, an upcoming sci-fi adventure game developed by Rendlike which looks like the video game equivalent of a soothing balm.

In FixFox you play as Vix, a space mechanic who crashlands on a mysterious planet where tools are forbidden. Accompanied by Tin, your trusty toolbox, you go about fixing machines with unconventional tools, like toothbrushes, glowy bananas, and bottles of apple juice. These repairs seem to be mini-puzzles, where you press buttons and scrub things clean, all with lovely brush and click noises.

After a hard day's work fixing stuff, you can pop by markets and eat hearty food cooked by locals. And rather like repairing things, eating looks suitably hands-on, with one bit in the trailer showing you divide apple pie slices with a satisfying pop. I hope there's a soup equivalent where you control a spoon and wobble its contents into your maw. I also like that chowing down on these delicacies isn't just for show but should help you make friends and could provide clues to solve your next quest.

Vix puzzles her way through a library in FixFox.
Top-down puzzling looks to be on the menu as well. The trailer shows Vix navigate a library filled with rotating platforms.

As a peaceful walk-enjoyer in real life, it's nice to see you can do the same in FixFox. Nice strolls through meadows and mountains are encouraged, as is chilling by a campfire afterwards. The chiptune music adds to the niceness. It's just all-round nice. I am here for it.

FixFox is due out this year, but there's no specific release date for it just yet. You can find it over on Steam.

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