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Exclusive new Fixfox story trailer remains lovely yet mysterious

Only slightly foxed

Pals, we've got the jump on a new story trailer for FixFox, an almost distastrously nice game that really deserves the oft-misapplied adjective "wholesome". This story trailer is a bit of a tease, in that it doesn't really de-mystify any of the elements of the game that I found most mystifying in my earlier preview, but it definitely does give you a flavour of the kind of adventures and quick-fixes you get into as Vix the space mechanic. Plus it shows off some of the cooler visual flair FixFox has (especially in its loading screens). Give it a watch after the cut.

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A few weeks back I got my paws on the preview build of FixFox (aka to me, personally, FikFok), and honestly it's a really lovely game about being a mechanic who is also a furry a distant-future human gene-spliced to have fox fur. The world of FixFox is a pleasingly analogue version of the future, where you fix old fans with bananas and postage stamps for friendly robots. And these robots will reward you with a feather duster, or perhaps a lovely meal.

There's a real emphasis on being kind - on helping each other out, on trading. Whenever you need to find a new location you invariably have to ask a few robots for directions. Your little landspeeder bike and your jumbled tool box are both your pals. And I really loved sitting down and actually eating, bite by bite, a bowl of soup or a pudding, or loading my game by selecting and playing a casette tape.

There is adversity in the game, too, but it's more sort of... figuring stuff out. There's no biffing a robot on the nose to be done. But, like I said, this trailer leaves many questions unanswered. Why is this planet populated almost entirely by robots? Why is it square? What is the Order Of Tools whole deal? All more interesting questions than I have found from many a big-budget game.

One thing that I really like about this trailer is that Vix has a voice in it! They sound cool. I wanna be mates. FixFox is coming to Steam on March 31st next week.

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