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Forgotten Rules For Family Favourite Boardgames

How to play Chess, Scrabble, Cluedo and Pictionary

“Have you ever played the real Monopoly?”

People will try to convince you, from time to time, that there’s a good version of Monopoly. You’ve been playing it wrong all these years, they’ll say, and if you followed the actual rules you’d have a great time. They might go on to tell you that the original version of the game was anti-capitalist, a satirical swipe at Big Business and lordly landlords, but whatever they say can be discounted if their argument is built on the idea that Monopoly isn’t terrible. It can be fun, with friends and family, sure. But it’s like a bottle of bad whiskey - enjoyable in good company, but a facilitator of good times rather than the cause of them.

But Monopoly does have rules that you may not be familiar with, and the internet will happily tell you about them. What the internet has failed to tell you is that many other family favourite boardgames have original rulesets that have been lost or warped over the years since their original release.

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