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Free games of the week

Be a pigeon

This week, you can sell junk at a magical yard sale, play as zombies in a take on dodgeball, or become a pigeon flying high above the sky. If being a bird or fighting zombies aren’t things you are interested in doing, maybe you’d rather take on a beautiful platformer on an alien planet, or steal all of the town's loot with your magical sack. This week's free games are full of fun worlds to explore.

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Yard Tale by Gwen, Jellebones, Tuckie, Zack, & Brainfoam

In Yard Tale, your friend is hosting a huge yard sale to sell off loads of their junk. Everything is here, from lone socks to rare action figures. There is also a bunch of interesting locals all looking for that perfect item. You are just here to get sweet, sweet candy - something your friend promised you if you helped out.

You need to talk to everyone at the sale, figure out what they want, then offer them the object they are looking for. Some people are straight-forward with their wishes, while others only have a vague idea. Oh, and yes: you are also a witch that can cast spells on the shoppers to change who they are or what they look like.

Yard Tale is also full of secrets - hidden items, a little shop for you to buy stuff at, and candy dotted everywhere. Enjoy exploring this cute, small game.

Dungeon Deathball by Matt Glanville

A turn-based, zombie-filled ball game - Dungeon Deathball has you trying to make it to the end of the field along with your trusty blue ball. The only issue with crossing that end line is the zombies littered all over the field. If a zombie touches either of the characters you control that character will die! Instantly. Good thing you only need one character to get across the line for you to pass the stage.

You can fight the zombies off - either hitting them once, or hitting them with the ball once, will stun them. If a zombie is stunned and hit a second time (by you, a ball, or by another zombie) it will die and leave the field. Eliminating the zombies takes time - and uses up more of the points you get to spend towards your turn. If either of your characters run out of points to spend on their turn, they will have to pause and remain on the same square. Having to do this without planning ahead can really cause some problems when it comes to survival. Making it to the finish line is your main goal, with more points awarded if you cross the finish line holding the ball.

Pigeongame.exe by National Insecurities

Instead of a walking simulator, Pigeongame.exe is a flying simulator - one where you get to play a pigeon, flying high above a bustling city. This city is never-ending with buildings and streets that stretch out as far as your split bird vision can see. The light changes as grey buildings in daytime melt into a night full of colorful lights. Cars and people are dotted around, moving quickly through the maze of buildings below.

You are a bird so you can fly above it all, viewing the world from the sky. Or you can walk around on the ground, dodging cars and coming close to humans before taking off again. Some of the buildings even have bird-related graffiti decorating the windows, which is seemingly just for you.

There are not any goals in Pigeongame.exe. It is just an experience for you to enjoy for as long as you need to.

The Explorer by Thugsdo

The Explorer is a more challenging adventure: you play as half-human half-robot who seems to have landed on an abandoned planet.

You are looking to collect strange, light blue artifacts. These artifacts act like keys, opening up one huge door as it lights up with each artifact you insert. As you explore, you encounter alien creatures, spikes, and other hazards. Eventually you even get weapons to fight back against them.

You will end up going deeper and deeper into the underground. Strange boxes, statues, and buttons will appear. It is up to you to figure out how to use them to get further. You will need to be aware of your environment - you might be a jump away from death.

Ransacked by Zachary Bledsoe, Benjamin Taylor, James Miller, Conner Jaynes, Zachary Richardson, Adam Bach Cohen, Amanda Meyer, Alex Simonson, Samuel Edwards, Nathan Hunnicutt, & Christian Ocampo

Ransacked sees you stealing all of the town’s loot, in your dad's honor, for your guild.

Your dad use to be the best looter in all of the world, until he got caught. Now all of the loot he has collected over the years has been given back to those who once owned it. He left this guild to you and so you must now get all those ill-gotten goods back, as well as gain your own loot, in order to keep the guild alive. The game is simple: move around the town stealing anything of value and bring it back to your well.

Your sack is magical in that it can hold anything, but will expand with the bigger items that are picked up. Large items will make you louder, slow you down, and make you a larger object. None of this is helpful when sneaking around rich folk’s homes and stealing their goods. You will have to think before you steal, prioritising taking what is valuable and sneaking back to the well where your guild is hidden. There are various special objects that need to be re-captured. These objects will be found using riddles and keys to break into the elite’s homes.

Note: This game is optimised for controllers, not keyboards, but there are keyboard controls as well.

Disclosure: Jupiter Hadley is an apprentice games wizard at Armor Games, helping them to find released free games to sign.

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