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Gilmore Girls (part 1): Graham and Pip's verdict

Emily is still the best

Gilmore Girls is an American television series which ran from 2000-2007 and which was recently revived for four, movie-length episodes on Netflix. Graham wrote about it previously here. Now Pip and Graham have gathered to discuss their Gilmore Girls thoughts and no one can stop them.

Warning: major spoilers for all of Gilmore Girls follow. So the three of you who were interested in reading this to begin with should probably go watch hundreds of hours of television and then come back later?

Pip: I've just realised that although I have STRONG FEELINGS about Gilmore Girls and the new episodes I'm at a disadvantage having watched them at a Netflix binge pace when they came out while you used normal human pace. As a result, you might need to help me out with a couple of bits that have got lost in my brain over Christmas! Where do you fancy starting? La la la. La la laaaaaaaa.

Graham: I guess in that case let's start with an easy one. How much does Rory suck?

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