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I did not like Bandersnatch, welcome back to RPS 2019!!!

What if video games, but too much?

PSA: today is not Monday. I know; I’m as shocked and appalled as you. John correctly pointed out that every day in the formless between and around December 25th and January 1st is a Sunday. Wednesday morning came at me like a brick yeeted through a cloud of candy floss. Only about half of us are at work today, because the other half had the presence of mind to book the rest of this week off.

This includes whoever it was who is supposed to do the supporter post on Wednesdays, worse luck, which means I have to lift my head, heavy with the weight of a lot of Terry’s Chocolate Orange slices and a vestigial vodka hangover, to the hot take grindstone. So with that in mind: I watched Bandersnatch over the break. Bandersnatch is not very good. Further spoilers for Bandersnatch follow.

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