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I hate Asterigos considerably less than most soulslikes

Purple people ether

I'll try not to bang on about it, but in the interests of transparency, it's important to stress how much I loathe most soulslikes. Even the name, to be frank. So when I say that I don't love Asterigos Colon Curse of the Stars, it's not as damning as it may sound.

You're Hilda, a stabby lass who, for reasons, must investigate and lift a curse from a big ol' fantasy city. By exploring its districts and stabbing lots of weird dudes. Aiding you is a network of semi-suspicious locals, and the kind of immortality that makes death more annoying than anything. It's a hybrid, really, of a Souls-ish game and a more traditional hack and slash action RPG. Regular attacks don't consume stamina, and instead of finding or buying weapons, you start out with a complete set, and swap their movesets in and out as needed. I respect that it picks and chooses soulsy elements instead of tracing over the whole design.

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