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My Slow And Horrible Death By PC Games

Stand up, for God's sakes

When I was younger, so much younger than today, I'd do occasional week- or even month-long stints on PC Gamer magazine. It is strange and ever so slightly disturbing to think back to the lie of the land then. Tom Francis was there, before he became Tom 'Gunpoint' Francis. Graham Smith was there, before he became Graham 'Both My Boss And My Employee' Smith. PCGN's Tim Edwards was there, before he became Tim 'Rebel Faction' Edwards. A John Walker, Jim Rossignol or Quintin Smith would occasionally pop in order to collect review code on DVD and have a mild disagreement about copy changes. The past is another country indeed.

Yet what I remember most clearly of that time is the total freak-out I experienced when I began researching a feature about PC games and health. Total, white-faced terror, unable to think of anything else, convinced that a bloodclot from too much sitting was inching closer and closer to heart or lungs with every moment.

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