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Whoa, you just rotated all of RPS in an axial fashion using only your wits and the power of style or symbolism or something. Regardless, go you! And hey, for your trouble, you've stumbled across some actual news.

Fez is coming to Steam on May 1st. That's almost literally tomorrow, if you don't know what the real definition of tomorrow is. It's also basically the same game as it was on console, per a Reddit AMA with Phil Fish. "No, [nothing's been added]," he explained. "There were a few things we had to adapt. But other than that, it's essentially the exact same game."

Here's hoping Fish and co have at least made a pass at a few of the more notorious (not to mention potentially game-ruining) bugs and glitches.

But what sort of game is Fez, exactly? Well, in short, it's a dimension-rotating puzzle-platformer about hats and secrets and retro references and life and incredible crypticness. Some people thought it was the bee's knees. Others thought it was the bee's nauseatingly sticky and odious armpits. Love it or hate it, though, it's an unabashedly singular vision, so it's probably worth a look on that merit alone.

Welp, guess that's that, then. Unless, well... you want to give RPS another spin. You know, just for old time's sake. If you don't, I totally understand. No big deal.

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