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Pretty perspective-based puzzler Maquette is out now

It looks like a cross between The Witness and Superliminal

Gorgeous first-person puzzle game Maquette has launched, inviting players into a colourful recursive world in which will have you playing with perspective. It's the debut game from developers Graceful Decay, which will have you puzzling your way through lots of little and large fairytale settings - almost like a dolls house within a dolls house (within a dolls house?), and when you drop something in the small house, it appears to scale in the big one. It looks a little bit like The Witness collided with Superliminal, which is a very nice combo indeed.

Like in Superliminal, Maquette will play with your perspective, causing some objects to getting bigger or smaller depending on what you do with them. Unlike Superliminal, however, Maquette's items won't suddenly scale up when you move them closer or further from you. The game is set in a model within a model (within many more models, from the looks of the trailer), and dropping things into a smaller version a model will cause it to arrive on a much larger scale in the one you're in. Everything that happens in each of these environments is reflected in the others, too. So say, for example, you dropped a big red block in one, that block would appear to scale in the rest of them as well.

It's a confusing one to try to explain (watching the trailer will help, promise), but one I'm eager to have a go of myself. I really enjoyed Superliminal, and it would be nice to experience a game like that with a little more depth. At least, I hope this love story has some depth, and isn't just two people having a bit of a cringey flirt in my ears for two hours.

If you fancy giving it a go, Maquette is out now on Steam, priced at £14/€16/$18.

And if you're interested in more perspective-based puzzling, do check out Sin's Superliminal review. She thought it did better than a lot of other games with similar gimmicks, though could've done more with it. Perhaps Maquette will offer a better challenge.

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