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PSA: things that happen in your TRPG games do not make good party anecdotes


This is a desperate PSA, born from bitter personal experience. I play a lot of TRPGs with friends and, at the time, things that happen in them can be amazingly funny. You and all the dice throwin’ nerds around the table will be veritably wetting yourselves at how hilarious the happenstances are. And it is tempting to share these happenstances with other people because, hey, you love sharing love, right? Who wouldn’t want to make others laugh.

The only, I repeat, only time you might be able to dust this off successfully is if you’re talking to a person who has first hand experience of playing that tabletop game. But even then you’re probably going to end up facing a polite smile, and having to lamely end your story in a “... you had to be there.”

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