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Screenshot Saturday Mondays: bodysurfing, doorkicking, and a spooky ghost

Returning to look at more indie games

After a year away, Screenshot Saturday Sundays returns on a new day. Started by Jay Castello in 2019 then continued by Nat Clayton and now me, it's a weekly skim through the pretty, weird, and interesting work-in-progress peeks that indie devs post on Twitter for Screenshot Saturday. This week, we have bodyboarding with actual bodies, a great many doors being kicked, and several good fish.

Bodysurfing ultraviolence in this yet-untitled action game looks downright ridiculous, though I'm also interested in the garish skybox with a mishmash of branding and roads like a megacity-sized strip mall:

The best sheet ghost I've seen was Halloween a few years back, outside a student pub on Edinburgh's Cowgate, about 2 in the morning. The ghost stood in the road, wavering gently, staring straight ahead for a good five minutes. Either it was a mild haunting or a poor lad absolutely smashed out his gourd, just waiting for someone to lead him home. So, trust my expertise when I say this is a good sheet ghost:

Some cracking kicking in this FPS prototype:

I'm also a sucker for dramatic warpspeeds, wormholes, and stargates. I do appreciate these jumpgate animations from open-world space shooter Underspace:

I do like the colours here in Nero's Adventure, a physics puzzle-y game starring a mutated anglerfish:

Some lovely fish also in No More Flat Days:

JRPGs aren't my bag but I still enjoyed the vintage stylings of Infinite Mana:

Bounce Castle takes a boardgame look in an interesting direction with animation on its pieces and good goop from this slime:

Sorry, to end I do have to loop back to the start for this gun which creates grinding rails:

Any other games catch your eye this weekend, reader dear?

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