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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: bumbling buddies, bird battles, and beautiful backgrounds

Weekly gif-ts

Screenshot Saturday! A museum of the future, showcasing bits and pieces that will eventually (maybe!) be morphed and transformed into video games that you can get your hands on. This week: one very good new pal, a fight in a colourful forest, and a whole bunch of places I want to wander around in.

Here is a new friend for you: Stompy, a buddy from the world of puzzle adventure game Sayri.

Stompy is apparently “the most favourite character of all who played the game.” I always advise caution around these parts because you never know how game development will go, but this claim I can believe completely because they are also my most favourite character, from any game, despite only having seen them in this short clip.

According to the game’s website, Sayri is scheduled to release later this year and features “the kindest, cleverest and cutest creature that’s just like a real person but with four legs, a tail, two hands, six ears, and two horns.” I’m in.

Not quite so friendly is this bird from colourful action platformer Lume And The Shifting Void:

I assume that the developers have been busy focusing on that very pretty death-explosion, so their website is sparse at the moment, but does link out to all their social media so that you can keep an eye on development wherever you squirrel yourself away online.

And for the lonelier souls who don’t want to be hanging out with pals or fighting enemies, here are some unadorned backgrounds to ooh and ah over.

These are locations from Virgo Vs The Zodiac, a villain-focused JRPG. They will be filled in when you’re actually traversing them in game: per its Steam page, it features “unlikely friends and foes such as Goats, Save Dinosaurs and a Cookie Companion,” and now I’m very curious about which are friends and which are foes. And whether you can give them tea, which appears to be a game mechanic as per the header image. (They’re probably healing potions, but I can dream.)

Bonus this week is the wonder of offline. God I wish that were me.

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