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So hot it's cool, so cool it's hot: Apex Legends's new map and new season arrive today

Cool it, hothead

Apex Legends's new map, World's Edge, is a packing nightmare. Lava fields on one side, ice floes on the other, and I can't imagine that middle ground is anything but muggy and miserable. What am I supposed to bring? Do I wear a jacket or jorts? It's a bloody gorgeous vacation hotspot, though. I can't say I'm surprised those murderous rascals are settling in here for another season of bloodbaths, skydiving, and skinned knees. Pack your bags, champions - A new map, new season and new hero drop in on Respawn's battle royale today.

World's Edge seems to be a little bigger than ApeLegs's launch map. While the new arena still blocks off winding chasms with jagged cliffs, its terrain lies a little flatter than King's Canyon's massive sloping valleys, leaving you far more vulnerable to snipers in open spaces.

To compensate, the new map's urban areas are far denser and stretch far higher than any of last season's little shack hamlets. There's a proper city up there in the north, complete with multi-storey skyscrapers and apartment blocks. I hope you've been practising your shotties and snipers, because World's Edge looks to be all about long-range standoffs and in-your-face brawls.

There's also that bloody great train chugging across the entire map. Perfect for both rapid traversal and a little sightseeing of the new arena, all without spending a penny on tickets. Bargain, that. King's Canyon was quite nice, but its dull grass and dusty plains could be a little boring to look at. With greener greens and bluer skies, World's Edge provides some positively lush sightseeing backdrops to bloodshed.

That's not to mention all the environmental sparkle, resplendent with glimmering ice fields, searing eruptions, and geyser bursts filling the plains in between these extremes. There are plenty of quaint little Nordic hamlets dotted about, giving the whole thing a pleasant Space Iceland feel.

World's Edge arrives with Apex Legends Season 3, Meltdown. Respawn royale's third major update also adds the powerful new Charge Rifle and new hero-come-hackerman Crypto. We've also got a better sense of Crypto's abilities now, including a pilotable drone that can automatically ping enemies and fire a massive EMP blast to knock them out momentarily.

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