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Apex Legends

2 days ago

Feature: WELL?

What are we all playing this weekend?

Alice is on holiday, so this week it's me, Alice, filling in for Alice. We're deep in the trenches now, the game trenches, the February onslaught of releases. Metro is only just in our rear view mirror, and Brendan is almost a broken man. Anthem is in its bizarre week of early release for people who'll pay for EA's special version of Origins. Apelegs is…

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3 days ago

Feature: The Phallus Rises

Apex Legends Nessie/Nessy Easter Egg: how to summon Nessie, all Nessie locations

If you're a veteran of Respawn Entertainment's excellent Titanfall series, you'll probably know a little about the Nessie easter egg, where the devs decided to hide a Nessie plush toy inside every level in both Titanfall and Titanfall 2. So you may be wondering - have they carried the easter egg over to their latest battle royale hit, Apex Legends? The answer is a big…

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Feature: Live up to your Legend

Apex Legends guide – how to play Apex Legends, tips and tricks

Apex Legends seemed to come out of absolutely nowhere, with Titanfall developers Respawn Entertainment announcing and then immediately releasing their free-to-play battle royale without pausing for breath. Now Apex Legends is breaking all kinds of player and viewer milestones, and if you're here you're likely interested in seeing what all the fuss is about. Well, look no further! Our Apex Legends guide will take you…

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Feature: Tips, stats, and spray patterns for every gun

Apex Legends guns – best weapons ranked, spray patterns, and Apex Legends weapons stats

Having to wrap your head around a sizeable arsenal of different guns is pretty much par for the course when you start playing a new battle royale, and Apex Legends is no exception. With their latest title and their first foray into the genre, Titanfall creators Respawn Entertainment have injected nineteen different guns, all with unique stats, quirks, attachments slots, spray patterns, and much more.…

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Feature: I get knocked down, but I get up again

Apex Legends Armor and Gear guide – Body Shields, Helmets, Knockdown Shields, Backpacks

The King's Canyon map in Apex Legends is absolutely packed with loot, from weapons and healing items to attachments and ammo. But just as important as any of these things is what the game calls "gear" - that is, armour items such as Body Shields, Helmets, and Knockdown Shields, as well as the Backpack, which allows you to carry more items with you as you…

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5 days ago

Feature: Detailed info and stats on each attachment. You're welcome.

Apex Legends attachments list – all weapon attachments, including Hop Up, Scope, Stock, and more

Apex Legends takes an interesting route when it comes to firearms and gunplay. Like PUBG, a gun is only as good as the attachments you add to it; and like Fortnite, the gear you find is only as good as its colour and quality level. With over 30 different attachments to add to the 19 different weapons you can find throughout a match, it can…

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6 days ago

Feature: Sorting your Peacekeepers from your Carbines

Apex Legends loadout guide: best weapon combos, popular loadouts, tips and tricks

Key to victory in Respawn Entertainment's colossally popular battle royale Apex Legends is choosing the right weapons for the task. You can only hold two guns at any time, so you have to make sure your choices not only suit your playstyle but also synergise well with one another. Our Apex Legends loadout guide will walk you through how to make good choices while picking…

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Apex Legends players are becoming cryptid hunters

Players who have been parachuting into free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends (Apelegs? Have we committed one way or the other on Apelegs yet?) have stumbled on something cute – a small plushie version of Nessie, hanging out in the water near Cascades. Nessie may be hiding more secrets though, the devs have teased, leading to a fully fledged manhunt for the elusive cryptids.

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Feature: Like a Phoenix (Kit) rising from the ashes

Apex Legends healing items – Health, Armor, and Shields guide, including Phoenix Kit and Ultimate Accelerant

Key to survival in Apex Legends, as with most games, is to not let your health drop to zero. To assist you in this admittedly very challenging task, Respawn Entertainment has provided players with a variety of different healing items, each with their own specific functions and ideal situations for use. Our Apex Legends healing items guide will walk you through how Health, Armour, and…

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Feature: A Canyon fit for a King

Apex Legends map guide: best loot, Apex Legends locations, best places to land in King’s Canyon

The arrival of Respawn Entertainment's massive hit Apex Legends has brought with it a newcomer to the list of battle royale maps. King's Canyon is filled with hills, cliffs, underground areas and vertical drops, but the real question everyone wants answered is: where is all the best loot? Our Apex Legends map and locations guide looks to answer this question, while also explaining many of…

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7 days ago

Feature: Falling with style

Apex Legends landing: how to drop fast and land first (wave drop method)

Apex Legends has one of the most unique and intuitive deployment and landing systems in any battle royale we've played. From the coloured trails each team leaves behind to the addition of a jumpmaster to guide the entire team down as one entity, there's a lot to like, but a whole lot more to learn about perfecting your landing in Apex Legends. So we've put…

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Feature: Live another day

Apex Legends: How to revive allies, Respawn Beacon locations

Apex Legends has taken the gaming world by storm these past few days, and one of the reasons is that it does several things rather differently from its competition. One of these differences is the game's method of reviving and respawning fallen teammates, which allows even an eliminated player to re-enter the fray later on down the line - as long as their teammate is…

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Feature: Tracker or Healer? Soldier or Scout?

Apex Legends characters guide – Legend abilities, Apex Legends classes guide

One thing which sets Apex Legends apart from the other battle royales on the market is its character roster, which makes each match not just about where you go and what loot you find, but also which character you've chosen and how you use their unique abilities to your advantage. Each player chooses one of eight Legends each match, all of which sport their own…

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1 week ago

Apex Legends ping tool was tested by making everyone silent strangers

I've only played a few rounds of new free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends, but in every match I've been amazed at how closely my team of perfect strangers worked together. Not a single word shared in text or voice chat, but between automated character chatter, a helpful UI and liberal use of the ping tool kept it together until late into the game. To achieve…

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2 weeks ago

Titanfall isn’t done yet says Respawn Entertainment CEO

Battle royale spin-off Apex Legends seems to be doing well, but it's good to know that there's more proper Titanfall still on the way. Titanfall 3 may officially not be on the cards, but according to this tweet from Respawn CEO Vince Zampella, there is something bearing the series name "for later in the year". Of course, this isn't confirmation of much beyond the continuation of…

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Respawn’s free-to-play Apex Legends gets off to a healthy start

Given how many big multiplayer games seem to trip over their own shoelaces and tumble over the nearest banister on release day these days (heyyyyy Anthem demo), fair play to Respawn for announcing, releasing and yet not making a muddy pig's' ear of Apex Legends all on the same day. The free-to-play battle royale set in the Titanfall universe - which everyone on the internet…

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Feature: Titanfoyale

Apex Legends is the battle royale from Respawn, and we have good news about the robot

Hello dear reader, ravenous chewer of news. Here is a steaming Apex Legends fact heap for you. Firstly, it is real - a great start. It has probably been released by the time you read you this, and is available free for PC-havers on Origin. It’s one of those battle royale games, but it’s also a bit more exciting than that, which I’ll get to…

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Titanfall crew Respawn reveal their new game today – and might release it immediately

Titanfall but battle royale but without the mechs: that's the word on the street about what we can expect from Apex Legends, the next game from Respawn Entertainment. The Titanfall & Titanfall 2 studio, which these days is but one limb on the EA millipede, has confirmed they'll be revealing the game today, and that Apex Legends is indeed its name. Meanwhile, rumour swirls that…

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