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Unannounced single-player Titanfall game has been cancelled by EA

Don't prepare for Titanfall

Fans have been clamouring for a sequel to Titanfall 2 since its release in 2016, but it looks like we might need to put those hopes on hold for a little longer. According to a report from Bloomberg, EA have cancelled an unannounced project codenamed Titanfall Legends, a single-player mash-up between Titanfall and Apex Legends - Respawn’s battle royale, set in the same universe. Around 50 devs were working on the game before its cancellation earlier this week. EA are reportedly trying to find other positions for the devs, but those that aren't rehired are being laid off with severance.

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Titanfall Legends’ cancellation comes amid a tricky week for publisher EA. At the company’s earning report on Tuesday, EA announced that they would also be cancelling Apex Legends Mobile and suspending development on a Battlefield mobile title.

Waiting for a new Titanfall feels as up-and-down as being in a Titan would, I imagine. Or just a bumpy rollercoaster. In 2019, Respawn’s CEO shared that the studio isn’t done with Titanfall yet. A year later we learned that, no actually, Respawn didn’t have plans for future games in the series. And then, last year we found some evidence the studio might be working on a single-player game in the ApexFall universe - which may or may not have been Titanfall Legends.

The focus on single-player makes this news sting a little more than usual, considering how beloved Titanfall 2’s campaign was with fans. I remember it felt like a platformer had a baby with an FPS, and the result was this bonkers, frenetic shooter about small acrobats and military Optimus Primes. Also, I can’t think of a single bad game that features grappling hooks. Titanfall 2 probably has the best, most physics-accurate grappling hook of all, so it’s automatically a classic. I’m sure the multiplayer was cool too, otherwise I don’t know why hackers would go as far as to target Apex Legends in an attempt to save it.

Respawn are still keeping busy, though. Star War Jedi: Survivor is on track to release on April 28th, after a six-week delay. Meanwhile, Apex Legends is still one of the best battle royales in 2023.

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